New Moon in Capricorn / Mercury Retrograde – December 23, 2022

Dec 23 – Following the Dec 21 Winter Solstice, we have a New SuperMoon at 1º Capricorn at 2:17am PST, a time for new beginnings. Capricorn rules commitment, ambition and structure – it’s methodical and patient, willing to climb a mountain to create desired results – and we have five planets (including the Sun/Moon) in Capricorn right now. Heavy on restructuring and creating a new framework for the future.

This is the perfect time to focus on intentions for the New Year, as Capricorn is the sign of goals, achievement and your Inner Authority (trusting yourself). Dynamic Jupiter at 0º Aries is squaring the New Moon, inspiring you to grow, spread your wings and live from your Highest Truth. As you envision your future, outdated aspects of Self and your life will fall away organically and emerging interests, ideas, and desires will capture your attention. 

The New Moon in Capricorn wants to keep things real and grounded, while idealistic Jupiter in Aries will take a leap of faith – and utilizing both energies is the magic of making this combo work. With Mars Retrograde through Jan 12 and Mercury Retrograde from Dec 29-Jan 18, you will have plenty of time and opportunities to revise your ideas and plans so you’ll be ready when ALL the planets are finally in Direct motion in Feb 2023.

Also, Chiron (/Master Healer) turned Direct, which can bring up issues, weakness or acknowledge healing you’ve done. When you seek your healing, you learn info/skills/wisdom that can help others as well, so your healing is not just for you. Remember, we are all human, and our tender places are the ways that we are often able to connect deeply with one another. 

If you’ve done healing work and you encounter an issue that you thought you’d already handled, it is likely appearing at a deeper level of consciousness to be seen and integrated. Don’t resist it, witness the energy from a higher perspective and see what’s there. If you need help, reach out and get the care you need.

Dec 24 – Mercury sextile Neptune is the creative, intuitive energy of communication in a nonlinear way. Mercury is the mind and Neptune is a higher dimension; Mercury-Neptune create soulful connections, whether family, romance, close friends, therapeutic, selfless service or compassionate sharing. On Christmas Eve, this is a beautiful energy for services, rituals, reaching out to loved ones and those who might be lonely. Silent night, holy night… it is also the energy of reverence and your sacred thoughts and prayers.

Dec 28 – Venus sextile Neptune is romance, earthly love (Venus) and Divine Love (Neptune), but you can feel high and not clear for decision-making (so don’t!). This can be fun for shopping, a spa day, a concert, museum, playing with children, visiting elders, compassion, empathy, leisure. Love, love, love…

Dec 29 – Mercury Retrograde goes until Jan 18, 2023 and Mars is Retrograde in Gemini (Mercury’s sign). So now we’ve got double the Retrograde energy in personal planets, which means slow down… pay attention to what you’re doing, mistakes can happen, decide in advance not to be reactive, be flexible, don’t make major commitments if possible, wait and see how things shake out after Jan 18.

Mercury sextile Venus brings harmonious communications or helpful people – who can be partners, allies, catalysts, teachers, students or just warm messages and connections that brighten your day. Enjoy every minute of every blessing that you magnetize into your orbit. Or maybe you illuminate other peoples’ lives with your radiant Light. A beautiful image and lovely mission!

This holiday week feels very blessed, full of love, light and possibilities. Following the Winter Solstice and on this New Moon in Capricorn, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and whatever you hold as sacred, give thanks for the softening energies and shifting paradigms that are evolving us and the planet. Make your intentions and sit with them during the Retrogrades – watch, listen and adjust as necessary as you go…

Namaste and many blessings. As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. 

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