New Moon in Cancer / Mercury Direct – June ’14

Cancer Crab Tile

We have a week for potential awakening as new energies arrive and Mercury finishes its Retrograde cycle to turn Direct in a few days.

We have a New Moon in sensitive Cancer today, the sign of emotions, home, family and mother energy. This is all about your needs – what they are and how you’re getting them met. Sensitivity and vulnerability are often resisted in our western culture, but they are absolutely necessary for wholeness and personal fulfillment.

On this New Moon, treat yourself lovingly and honor your feelings. Commit to nurturing your Self so that you can live an empowered life and be who you came here to be. Remember, your presence matters and you are important.

A New Moon is the time for new beginnings, so take action toward what you want to create or expand. Because Mercury is still Retrograde, focus on course corrections, revisions and planning. Be creative and allow your intuition to guide you forward – Cancer is a highly intuitive sign!

Neptune (imagination, compassion, Oneness) is in harmony with this New Moon. This is Higher Self energy, so drop into your heart to connect to your inner wisdom – the still, small voice within.

Ask yourself, “What does my Spirit want?”

Remember that messages from Spirit are never fear-based, so be discerning when receiving inner guidance to make sure the information you are receiving is coming from Divine Love and not from ego, which utilizes fear and lack to “protect” you.

If you need help to quiet your mind try yoga, a walk in nature, swimming, dancing, a bike ride, music or something that takes you out of your mind. Yes, you need to be out of your mind to connect to your Higher Self. It’s beyond the mental body…

The Mars-Uranus opposition is pulling apart, but there’s still energy available for extra get up and go. Use the extra push to serve you – either for comfort, care or creativity.

Don’t squander this New Moon mojo!

Mercury Fallon

Mercury Direct – July 1st

Mercury will turn Direct on Tuesday, July 1, but it will take about a week for communication to be flowing again, as Mercury has to gather momentum before it moves forward significantly.

Pay close attention to new information that comes to light (verbal and non-verbal), as you allow yourself to integrate all that you learned while Mercury was Retrograde.

Don’t be in a hurry – it won’t serve you. Stay focused on the outcome you want to create and take deliberate actions. Repeat as needed :))

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