New Moon in Cancer / Mars Direct in Scorpio – July ’16

Cancer O

Happy July! Finally, the gates have opened and the flow that we’ve been waiting for is on the horizon after many months of cosmic challenges. Although we’ve faced a variety of energetic hurdles, one of the major effects was created by Mars Retrograde (action/will), since April 17th.

Mars has now turned Direct, but it’s sitting at the same degree (23º Scorpio) until July 11 – and it remains in Scorpio until Aug 2. This means Mars is inching along sloowwly, so don’t expect things to happen instantly, like: “Oh boy – Mars is Direct – here we go!!”

The reality is that your actions may take time to manifest the results you desire, so think “process” rather than instant gratification. And if you know your chart, the house that Mars is traveling through is the area of life in which you are ripe for a rebirth or recreation of some kind that can affect your life in a major way.

On Monday, July 4th at 7:01 am EDT we have a New Moon in Cancer, which rules home, family, emotions and personal life. It doesn’t get more primal than this, so please pay attention to your needs – what you need to feel safe, happy, healthy, fulfilled, inspired, motivated.

Cancer is the sign of emotional connection, so check in to see if your needs are being met around feeling seen, heard and received. Do you have close friends or family who “get” you – or are you playing a role of who you think you should be to get approval of others?

You can’t be healthy and happy if you’re not well received for being the real you. If you don’t feel safe being real, this is the time to find your tribe and get support to come out of hiding. You can always reach out to me :))

Cancer is a water sign (feelings and emotions) and on this New Moon, we have a Grand Trine in Water (Venus in Cancer, Mars in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces). This is creativity, love, transformation and compassion. How beautiful is this soft, yet powerful energy?!

Pluto (power, transformation) in Capricorn is opposing the New Moon, indicating that you may be tested about staying in your power. An interaction with another may feel confrontational or may test your resolve to stay firm in a decision.

Don’t let any perceived opponent rock your world – know that the “other” is an outpicturing of some aspect of you, perhaps one that doubts your decision or position.
Seek connection in order to maintain good relations if possible and get clear about your convictions. Every situation where there’s a disagreement doesn’t have to become a drama and you don’t have to cave to do what others want if it feels wrong for you.

Most importantly, spend time this weekend getting clear about what you want to create going forward over the next few months. Focus on a goal, whether personal and professional, and then take an action to activate the process AFTER the New Moon in Cancer on Monday at 7:01am EDT.

Then be willing to keep going, knowing that you’re in a building mode for the month of July, with lots of support cosmically. Wed, July 6 is a good time for decision-making and creativity when Venus & Mars are exactly aligned and next Fri, July 8th is a good time for signing contracts or making deals (Mercury trine Jupiter). Just want you to know, so you can prepare :)

Enjoy your week and keep your focus on what you are ready to bring into your life!

****We still have MAJOR Moon Void of Course periods this week***, which can derail intended outcomes and productivity – and are optimal times to access your creativity, spiritual pursuits, routines or leisure activities. Be aware and pay attention.

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