New Moon in Cancer – June 23, 2017

Tonight we have a New Moon in Cancer which is all about Self care, nurturing, family, feelings, your needs and your nest (home). Cancer rules how your feed or nourish yourself. This is your personal life, what feeds your emotional Self.

When you get busy, this is often the area of life that is neglected and calls for attention by creating challenges, so at this time of new beginnings please be proactive and practice Self-love by taking exquisite care of yourself! A change in consciousness is guaranteed if you do :))

Cancer rules the past and tradition so if you go there, let it be in appreciation rather than longing for the “good old days,” a setup that undermines your happiness, ability to be present and affects how you create your future. This is the perfect time to connect with family or make amends wherever separation has occurred in a relationship. Reconciliation is a healing, always.

Mars (action) is squaring Jupiter (expansion) in Libra this week and you may have a tremendous urge to make things happen NOW! You don’t mean to be pushy, and with Mars in Cancer and Jupiter in Libra you may feel manipulative or passive-aggressive to others if you aren’t totally above-board. Or maybe you will attract others like this. Slow down, be deliberate and easy does it.

Pluto (power) makes a T-Square by opposing Mars in Cancer and squaring Jupiter in Libra, which blows up the energy exponentially. Avoid overreacting to feelings and events, especially situations involving power and will (the hotspots!).

A higher expression allows you to harness the energy and make things happen. Mars is the pioneer, warrior, maverick – and Jupiter and Pluto provide tremendous energy, all in mutable signs that speak to change.

Later in the week Mercury (info, communication) connects with Jupiter and Pluto, so watch for big news that may involve aggression. This is a good time to do your work, take care of your needs and don’t react in fear to things you hear or read. Monitor your intake of news (ask, “Is this really good for me?” before you indulge). Self-care is high priority now.

And remember, the Grand Trine in Fire is still active, facilitating creative energy that can facilitate purposeful evolutionary change. It’s all happening with Chiron (wounded healer) at the end of Pisces, potentially bringing up any unhealed feelings of grief, loss or emptiness. Anything that arises has come up to be seen, felt and integrated. Hold the feelings with love and compassion, rather than trying to push them away. This is how you heal.

And that, my friends, is our week. The structures of the 3D world are unraveling, as promised and prophesied. You and I agreed to be here now, during this sacred turning point. Stay high, take good care of yourself and others, and expect the best.

For specific timing when the Moon is Void of Course (a time NOT to take actions that require specific outcomes), get your monthly Perfect Timing Guide.


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