New Moon in Cancer – July 2023

This is a week of emotional intensity that will launch a new phase of endings, activated by Pluto at 29º Capricorn (the April 20 Solar Eclipse degree), square the Nodes of Fate, along with the new beginning on the New Moon in Cancer. This is a week-long process that starts off on Monday and increases as the week unfolds through Friday, July 21.

July 14/15 – Sun sextile Uranus. A creative time for sudden insights, awareness, problem-solving and connecting with stimulating types or topics that activate your “free spirit” or genius. Utilize this lively energy to access your higher mind by stretching beyond your usual boundaries. Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side…

July 15 – Venus inconjunct Neptune. A dreamy, sensitive aspect that sees the world as it can be, not as it is. This is beautiful for devotion, visioning, love, romance, compassion and creativity, but anything that requires discernment can be problematic. Your judgment is off. You don’t see red flags, you see possibilities and potential. Generous to a fault, you can easily be disillusioned, hurt or misled by idealizing others. Be mindful of who you connect with and what you get yourself into today. And remember, in personal relationships, honesty is the antidote for fantasy (a Venus-Neptune specialty).

July 17 – Mercury square Jupiter. This generates big bright ideas that can’t miss, can’t fail – but it’s a square, so you may be over-estimating what’s possible or overlooking details because you are so sure of your vision! Mercury-Jupiter is fabulous for enthusiasm and inspiration, great for breaking out of a rut. I would get a second opinion or check again later to see if ideas, conversations agreements hold up.

Next, New Moon in Cancer 24º @ 11:32am PDT, is in the ultra-sensitive sign of Cancer that rules your emotional needs and how you get them met, your literal and figurative home, your needs, feelings, vulnerability, emotional safety and security, family, the past and your lineage – it is your personal world. This is the focus of your new beginning – your life behind the scenes. Are you getting your needs met? If not, you need to prioritize Self-care now or at least, define what you need and what’s in the way.

Also, the North and South Node of Destiny (or the Nodes of Fate) move from Taurus and Scorpio into Aries and Libra. The North Node (Destiny) in Aries is asking you to step into your will and Authority – by doing what’s right for you without seeking permission, approval or agreement. Trust your Self. Aries is here to initiate something – to take courageous action. That’s the call. 

The South Node (past) in Libra is passive, people-pleasing, conflict-avoidant, caring more about looking good than being real. The opportunity is to release dysfunctional relationship patterns.

Pluto opposes the New Moon – where you give your power away, or any issues you are having around power (trust, betrayal, manipulation, hiding). Whatever blocks you from standing in your power is not new, but you’re feeling it and this will continue as the week goes on, increasing in intensity to an exact opposition with the Sun on July 21.

July 20 – Sun trine Neptune. A soft, flowy energy of Divine Love, perfect for creativity, prayer and spiritual practices, being in nature and compassionate service. This attunes your intuitive gifts and calls your energy within, so relax or use the energy for aligned activities or quiet time. 

Also, Mars opposite Saturn. This aspect wants details, info and productivity now – and you are stuck or delayed. You just have to wait. If something has come up, you can’t push your way through it, so don’t drive yourself or others crazy by trying. If methodical actions won’t work, meditate or talk a walk (Sun-Neptune energy). Patience is required. 

July 21 – Sun opposite Pluto – This is the culmination of the New Moon energy, as the Sun is now in exact opposition to Pluto, and the power struggle or issue has come to a head. Rather than projecting on to the Plutonian figure, look at your issue with power and what needs attention so you can be free. Something needs to be purged. That’s the opportunity personally if this touches you. Maybe you’ve already handled it. Let it go. Taken an action to begin a new chapter for this New Moon.  

Our job is to allow all that is “not us” to fall off, like a sculpture, to be chipped away so that we can emerge. I know it can sound way simpler than it is to let go, but there is so much help to undo old patterns if you need it – and it’s an inside job. Every relationship, structure and behavior, every way of being is based on beliefs you formed about yourself and the world long, long ago – and you’re just living them out. 

So reach out for help if you need it. Set your intentions for the love, care, nurturing and support you want and get clear about what is blocking you from doing or being who you came here to be. That would be the power issue you need to address. If there’s no problem – great. Help others. Show up with your light and brighten the world – we need you!

Venus (what you love) turns Retrograde July 22 – Sept 3. Get ready for the next exciting chapter!

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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