New Moon in Cancer July 18 ~ 9:24pm PDT

We have a New Moon arriving on Monday, July 18/19 in the feelings-oriented sign of Cancer, the Moon’s natural ruler.

The New Moon is the time for new beginnings, so take some action directed toward what you want to create or expand in your life. Ride the wave and allow the energy to support you.

The New Moon is in the ultra-sensitive sign of Cancer, which rules your emotional self, your needs and how you get them met, your home (your nest), feelings of tenderness and vulnerability, emotional safety and security, family, food, tradition, connection, nurturing and being nurtured.

  • Are you neglecting your emotional needs for giving and/or receiving?
  • Is there an imbalance on one side or the other (more giving than receiving)? How can you take better care of yourself?
  • Do you know what your needs are – to feel safe, to feel happy, to feel fulfilled, to feel loved, to feel valued?

Cancer is the sign of the mother and it is a spiritual practice to “mother” yourself in a loving way.

Self-care is a priority – especially for caregivers and those in helping professions who spend much of their energy focusing on others.

What are your needs – and are you getting your needs met?

This is a wonderful time to take actions to pamper your innermost self, whether it’s having a massage, connecting with a family member or an old friend, creating a beautiful space in your home, expressing your feelings to a loved one, having a favorite food, or whatever feels nurturing for you.

Sensitivity and vulnerability are highly underrated in our western culture, but they are absolutely necessary for our wholeness and personal fulfillment as human beings.

So on this New Moon, treat yourself lovingly and honor your feelings. Commit to nurturing your Self so that you can live an empowered life and be who you came here to be.

Wishing you blessings and love always. ♥

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