New Moon in Aries – March 2021

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We have a major action week – and a fiery new beginning on the New Moon in Aries (first sign in the zodiac) on April 11, which promises to activate systems in our emerging new world. As life unfolds we are required to adapt our consciousness, behavior and expectations, while moving toward what calls to us, so pace yourself (especially in hot to trot Aries, which can be impulsive). We are slowly awakening from our year-long+ slumber…

Today (April 9) we have a Mars-Neptune square, which can create confusion or slow-motion, and you’ll function best by utilizing the Law of Least Effort or Wu Wei, flowing around obstacles and moving intuitively. Don’t push, try to force solutions, or make important decisions when you’re not clear. Wait until tomorrow if you can.

Mercury is conjunct Chiron on April 9 as well, potentially highlighting negative beliefs about your intellect, education or communication issues. But the possibility for a healing breakthrough is present too, so keep in mind that awareness is Step 1 – and a shift in perception/perspective is Step 2, which can change your consciousness dramatically! That’s the value of introspection – discovering old hidden beliefs that drag you down so you can make new, more supportive choices. Yes!

On April 10, Mercury sextiles Saturn, and this is a fabulous day for making decisions, commitments, setting boundaries, signing contracts, launching a project or submitting a proposal. This creates grounded, stable communications and ideas that are devoted to lasting creations; think prudence with ambition.

Also on April 10, Venus sextiles Jupiter, perfect for love, connections, beauty and blessings that enhance your life and lift your spirits. Resources are accessible and you may receive $$, a gift, get a style makeover, give yourself a spa day or other indulgence that feels good. Warmth, generosity and your heart’s desires are all on the menu today. Practice giving AND receiving! Enjoy!

The New Moon in Aries is on April 11 @ 7:31pm PDT, ruled by Mars, which is currently Out of Bounds (wild, rebellious or ingenious). It’s a high energy New Moon in maverick, pioneer, warrior Aries. Plus we have Chiron, Mercury, Sun, Moon and Venus in Aries as well. 

All New Moons initiate new beginnings, but with a concentration of planets in the sign of this New Moon in Aries, there’s a “pedal to the metal” feeling of urgency and impatience to get going. So it’s really important to make an intention toward what you want to create or call in – and after the Moon is New, take actions that support your vision. 

If you don’t have a specific intention yet, let your intention be what you DO know you want (ex: peace, $$ stability, love, good health, fun). Then take an action that is aligned with it. This is the time for planting seeds that will grow in the coming month and year. Intentions without actions rarely go anywhere – and Aries is the courageous, independent, daring sign, so get in the game and do something. 

All week Mars trines Jupiter, generating confidence and enthusiasm to jump into action with your focus on your goals. Inspiration is the driver, as you expand your world by following your ideals with abundant energy. What a gift! Take care of business and tap into your Higher Mind for future vision. 

Pluto squares Venus on this New Moon, which can bring up power struggles over love, $$, trust or control. Pluto-Venus is a classic love triangle aspect, so look at three way relationships – another man/woman, child, parent, pet. Some kind of competition for attention/power in a relationship that is meaningful – not just romance. If you’re willing to explore, there’s buried treasure to discover re: what is driving this dynamic (if it applies to you, it started somewhere in childhood) – and to make changes or have an honest conversation about it. Also, with Pluto always notice secrets and covert actions. 

The Sun sextiles Mars on April 13, which accelerates the momentum that your activity is generating, post-New Moon. Next steps can easily fall into place with what you have begun. The Sun sextiles Jupiter on April 15, continuing the expansion and abundance (expect cooperation and yeses) as you are divinely guided on some level. Jupiter is Higher Truth and aligning with your ideals creates meaning in your life. 

On April 14 Venus moves into its home sign of Taurus for a month. Venus in Taurus rules your values and how you value your Self, money, material possessions, comfort (the bed & breakfast sign :)) – good food, comfy furniture, sheets, towels, affection, love. 

This all goes to your quality of life – this is the energy of enjoying pleasure, which is not something most people know how to do. Receiving, luxuriating, indulging – for the sake of sensual comfort. If you know how to do this, enjoy. If this is new for you, practice, practice, practice! Spoil yourself – get a massage, have fresh flowers, a manicure, a beautiful meal, a luxurious bath, whatever works for you. 

While there’s a powerful pull to act and grow, we still have planets that are dismantling structures, impeding harmony and creating chaos. Saturn (tradition) and Uranus (radical) are in conflict all year, moving in and out of orb to varying degrees. Plus, dwarf planet Eris (the Disruptor) is squaring Pluto, creating upheaval and interference, illuminating the shadowy status quo and imbalance of power that affects so many. These are long term aspects that, although uncomfortable, have a greater purpose in reconstructing our world, so learn to find your balance and keep your head up. 

Make the most of this week as we turn a corner and begin to open in new ways. Tune into your Inner Guidance to do the next right thing – and enjoy as much as possible. Your mindset and attitude is determined by you, so keep your vibration high!

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo

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