New Moon in Aries – March 2017

We’re in for a high energy weekend, following a week of Mercury aspects that created challenging communications may have revealed truths that changed the picture. Things that weren’t talked about, but were always there.

You may be in rebalancing mode after those communications and if needed, have conversations mindfully with compassion when you feel clear.

The Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Uranus, and Eris are all in Aries. This is warrior, maverick, pioneer, Self-directed, enthusiastic, strong willed energy that goes after what it wants. With Venus in Aries, desires are strong – and this can give you the drive you need to go after what you really want.

The thing is… Venus is Retrograde, so you need to be aware that what calls to you so powerfully now may change when Venus goes Direct on April 15th. What to do? Explore, try new things on without committing to anything permanent, if possible.

Don’t make major relationship decisions now that are irreversible (like getting married suddenly – or deciding to divorce). Explore options and experiences if something doesn’t feel right or you if you desire a new direction. Don’t rush, which is counterintuitive during Aries, that is hot to trot!

The Mercury-Uranus conjunction activates brilliant, innovative ideas and thinking that can produce genius and inspired products, projects and communications. This is active through Monday, so don’t dismiss ideas or opportunities that arise during this time. Open to your Higher mind and dare to allow your unique visions to come through! This is how we change the world…

Jupiter (expansion) is squaring Pluto all week, activating power plays where you feel pressured to take action before you’re ready – or to do something you don’t want to do. Guidance: slow down and center yourself. Then do the next right thing without panic. Panic is disempowering. Keep this in mind regarding the political doings that can easily drag you down. Stay high.

We have a T-Square with Pluto (power) squaring Jupiter (expansion) and Mercury, Uranus, Eris (communication, change, disruption). That’s a lot of activating energy from the mind and will, trying to make things happen and somebody wants to get their way (you?). Either direct this energy for good in your life or step back to get clear about where you going – and avoid drama. Just say no and stay out of it!

Monday night is the New Moon in Aries. This is the time for new beginnings, so take action directed toward what you want to increase, create or call into your life. And Aries IS the sign of initiating something new. Novel. Going first.

Following the Mercury-Uranus energy over the weekend, maybe you will download a bright idea to take action on Tuesday. The time will be ripe to fulfill your New Moon intentions, so be open and ready.

These are dynamic times of change and recalibration. Tune into where you are – where you want to go and what needs to change. Be flexible and keep the faith that you are here on purpose — and as always, more will be revealed.

Namaste, Pioneers.


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