New Moon in Aries – April 5, 2019

We’re in New Moon in fiery Aries, a time of new beginnings and action after the Mercury/Neptune mental swamp you’ve been wading through for weeks.

Wake up from that dream, connect with your Self and pursue something you desire. Something that calls you forward to feed the Authentic YOU. Start your engine and take advantage of the final New Moon with ALL planets Direct!

Saturn (Authority), Pluto (power) and the South Node (past) square the New Moon in Aries, indicating that you may encounter obstacles and will have to rethink your plans in order to accomplish your goals.

Maybe you can’t move forward without letting go of something. Or you have self-imposed rules and regulations that are limiting your life. What rules are you operating by that limit your life?

If you’re being pushed to transform, you’ll feel it, so do your work and let go of what is no longer serving you. Discipline, patience and surrender are your allies with Saturn, Pluto, and the S. Node in Capricorn and your hard work will pay off in the long run.

Jupiter is beaming abundant, expansive energy to the New Moon, that can help to keep you inspired and aligned with your North Star, or Higher Self.

Never lose connection with your ideals and life purpose; what matters to you and why you’re here at this time. When you tap into your purpose, it can override hardships to reenergize and activate your inner fire. Use the Jupiter energy to call you forward and pull you up if/when you feel down.

Mercury aligns with Saturn on April 7, creating fertile ground for smart plans that serve you well, ideas grounded in reality, practical thinking, planning and organization. Use it well! Take the fire and create structure.

The next major shift is on Wed, April 10 when big picture Jupiter turns Retrograde, giving you the opportunity to revisit the growth and progress you’ve made since last summer. And especially since Jupiter entered Sagittarius in Nov ’18. Time to review.

Simultaneously, Venus and Neptune (earthly love/Divine Love) offer a lens of compassion and empathy through which to view your current circumstances. This is beautiful, spiritual, creative energy that allows you to connect with others through your heart and soul. Enjoy the expanded energy of love (after all the hard work).

Mercury sextiles Pluto revealing something that may have been hidden from view literally or figuratively (secrets). Be alert to what is showing up for you. Info that Mercury Retrograde may have obscured is now available for you to discern or discover. This is a powerful expression of possibilities and insights, deep or undercover.

So you start anew today with the New Moon in proactive Aries (Maverick, Pioneer, Warrior) and wind up the week with Jupiter Retrograde, rerouting forward motion to circle back and look again, course correcting as you go.

Get started on something now. Feel the forward motion and make a plan. Tweak on Sun, April 7. Take action that speaks to your Authentic Self.  Yes, yes, yes!

“Problems are only opportunities in work clothes.” ~ Henry J. Kaiser

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