New Moon in Aries – April 1, 2022

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April 1. The New Moon in Aries, first sign of the zodiac and the ultimate sign of new beginnings. Aries is the warrior, maverick, pioneer – the courageous, daring, independent spirit that can be also impulsive and impatient, ready for a fresh start – perfect for the New Moon! 

This New Moon in Aries is sitting between Mercury (mind) and Chiron (The Wounded Healer Archetype), which indicates a new direction or expression of Self, shedding an old identity or way of operating that is no longer true for you, ready to embody a more authentic way of Being. Bold. Brave. Real. 

Do you know the level of programming you have been indoctrinated with throughout your life? As a baby (smile!) to growing up in the family, community and society, with rules and roles of what was acceptable and expected to cultural norms, you’ve been bombarded with directions, messages and suggestions re: who and how you “should” be your entire life. Plus, endless media and advertising shaped the collective consciousness, which the internet-social media has exacerbated exponentially.

A large part of personal development and healing work is shedding that which is not you, to discover what really is YOU, like chipping away at a rock to reveal a beautiful sculpture within. Depending on where you are in your journey, Mercury and Chiron on the New Moon can either indicate a time of healing and exploration into anything holding you hostage, blocking you from free Self-expression – or it can activate an old wound that helps you face something you’ve been avoiding. Consider this an opportunity.

Either way, with Mercury and Chiron on The New Moon in Aries, the goal is to pursue living from your Authentic Self and drop anything that feels false, outdated or irrelevant, no matter what the world is messaging. To thine own Self be true. Who are you when nobody is watching? Your Higher Self is the guidance system you can always count on. 

On April 3, the Sun conjoins Mercury, so pay attention to messages you receive (verbal and non-verbal) and connections you make. It promises to be a lively day and your awareness is required, as your attention is the filter that activates the mind to create meaning from incoming info around you. You have so much power in what you choose to focus on. Decide deliberately, rather than feeding your mind “junk food” (unless that’s what you want).

With Mars (Ruler of the Aries New Moon) approaching methodical Saturn on April 4, you will likely have to slow down and go one step at a time with whatever you are pursuing. Don’t rush – it won’t work that way. Faster isn’t better. Rather, trust the process. Another possibility is the Mars-Saturn conjunction, will give you a reality check and show you what isn’t working and needs attention if you are unaware. If so, it will require a decision: go forward or give up? Don’t let discouragement take you down. If your heart tells you this is for you, do the next right thing and get the help you need to go forward. 

On April 5 the Mars-Saturn conjunction squares the Nodes of Fate, which is part of the elimination process that is here to help us further our collective evolution. This is also a powerful check-in for you to consider what is no longer useful for you personally or what is blocking you from moving forward, cluttering your path. Release, release and lighten your load.

Venus enters Pisces April 5-May 2, sign of her exaltation. Venus in Pisces is compassion, empathy, romantic love, fantasy, creativity, Divine love (unconditional), the Higher Dimensions, where All Are One. Now we have Venus, Jupiter and Neptune all in Pisces and that’s a lot of Divine Feminine loving, compassionate energy, which can also be addictive or delusional in its lower forms, so be mindful and don’t take permanent actions without a reality check or a second opinion (tattoos, marriage). You may be extra-sensitive and access intuitive messages, Spirit Guides, creativity or desire music/art around you. Yes to all of it.

On April 7 Mercury sextiles Saturn, good for practical thinking, organization, plans and agreements, as well as signing contracts. You can bring ideas into form in order to make them real, so that a dream can actually become doable. Start with an outline and go from there; this is about concrete actions. 

We have movement this week, although more slowly than you make like, but the real focus is on who you are BEing. It’s not about going forward to create the next thing from an old identity – it’s more important to have the patience allow a new identity to emerge, than to rush into creating something just to satisfy your egoic need for “doing.” 

This can be a high level challenge. You can’t explain internal development, as it’s an inside job. But I promise you, if you follow where you’re being led organically, you won’t go wrong – and how do you know? Either you are clear about your next steps or you feel lost or confused, unmotivated, distracted, stuck or detached. If so, you are unwinding or there’s a decision you have to make and you don’t know what it is yet. 

Nothing is wrong. Have an astrology reading – you’ll see, there’s a good reason for everything that’s happening. 

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo 

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