New Moon in Aquarius/Mercury Retrograde – Jan 2015

9 years ago

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Lots going on this week! Starting off with the Mars/Neptune conjunction squaring Saturn, a New Moon in Aquarius and then Mercury Retrograde kicks in. We’re being slowed down, and the call is to be deliberate in deciding what actions to take. And don’t push – it won’t serve you.

You may start the week off in confusion/frustration, as we are still in the throes of the Mars-Saturn square. As always, I recommend being proactive rather than being fearful/reactive. Mars is with Neptune, indicating that the best way to operate is via your inner guidance. Trust where you’re led, as long as it’s driven by inspiration rather than fear, as Higher Self guidance is never fear-based.

Mars/Neptune is squared by Saturn, which can create obstacles, internally or externally. This lets you know what’s not working. If you hit something within you (feeling/attitude/behavior) or an external obstacle, it’s letting you know that a change is needed, whether it’s your perspective or an action that will create movement. Take responsibility for what’s out of order.

We have a New Moon in Aquarius on Tuesday, Jan 20th at 8:14am ET. Aquarius is the forward-looking sign of independence, innovation, invention, no restrictions, thinking out of the box, Authentic Self, the Greater Good, spontaneity, organizations, groups, humanitarian causes, friends, technology and equality.

Normally you would plant seeds today for anything new you want to begin over the next few weeks by taking an action, no matter how small. However, tomorrow’s Mercury Retrograde is not a good time to launch, begin or activate something in the world. Rather, use this time to clear, plan, vision and/or create your new “baby.” Or focus on a new kind of self-care, which can change your quality of life.

In which area of your life do you need to think out of the box, to be innovative or inventive right now? Are you stuck in a rut?  This is the time to stretch by opening to new ideas and addressing the needs of your evolving Authentic Self, as you continue to grow. 

Instead of relying on the “tried and true” or focusing on fitting in, dare to do something different! Approach a challenge with a new solution, explore new groups or cultivate new friends.

Aquarius represents groups, organizations and the Greater Good. Are you ready to be part of something greater that moves beyond your personal life? Whatever you need to feel more whole, allow this independent, strong-willed energy to support you and give you that extra push to step into the unknown. I say “yes!”

You may investigate or upgrade with technology that will expand your horizons and give you greater access to the world. However, either buy it today or wait until Mercury goes Direct in mid-Feb!

Mercury 3

Mercury Retrograde

Jan 21 – Feb 11, ’15

Mercury goes Retrograde technically on Wed, Jan 21st, but the energy starts slowing down this weekend already. Back up your info NOW and get your free report by clicking the link so you’ll know what to do to make the best use of the Retrograde experience.

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Wishing you a week filled with daring new ideas and actions that take you into uncharted territory for your Highest Good!

Wishing you love and blessings always, my friends.

We are having MAJOR Moon Void of Course periods this week,which will affect business and planning, so be aware when taking actions for maximum effectiveness.

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