New Moon in Aquarius / Lunar New Year – January 2023

Jan 20 – The anticipation has been tremendous and you’ve been waiting to launch, as the Sun leaves karmic Capricorn and enters innovative Aquarius, especially with Mars and Mercury Direct – except that Mars (action) and Mercury (info/communication) aren’t moving optimally yet. Aligning with cosmic timing is a stress-reliever, as you develop spiritual and intuitive mastery (patience :)).

Jan 21 – The Chinese New Year begins on the New Moon – this is the Year of the Water Rabbit, yin energy, symbolizing peace, hope, harmony and living in flow. Intuitive. Gentle. Receptive. Be open to the flow of the universe and allow yourself to be guided and maybe, surprised.

The New SuperMoon is in Aquarius at 12:53pm PDT, extra close to the Earth, its magnetic pull super-sized with exaggerated effects. Sensitives will really feel it. Aquarius is the futuristic sign of independence, innovation, rebellion, invention, revolution, no restrictions, thinking out of the box, authenticity, the Greater Good, spontaneity, groups and organizations, humanitarian causes, equality, technology, and friends.

Have you abandoned yourself in some area of life by living someone else’s program? Where do you need to think out of the box, to be innovative or inventive right now? Are you stuck in a rut? This is the time to open to new ideas and address the needs of your Authentic Self. Instead of relying on the status quo or focusing on conformity, dare to consider something different.

Even if your life worked perfectly before, things have changed. Dramatically. Be willing to approach a challenge with a new solution, explore new groups or cultivate new friends – this is a time to spread your wings… the call is Authenticity. What feels true and right for who/where you are now?

This New Moon is sextile expansive Jupiter in fiery Aries, full of enthusiasm, ready to fly – to stretch beyond the old borders, to leave your zip code! But Pluto is still in the final degrees of Capricorn, handling old business, until it goes into Aquarius in in late March – and that’s only for three months (like a test run) before it goes back into Capricorn in June to finish out the year. It’s like leaning into the future with one foot still in the past.

Jan 22 – Uranus (Ruler of Aquarius) Stations Direct, potentially activating the unexpected today or in the coming days. Watch how life unfolds going forward, as you’ve been percolating while Uranus has been Retrograde for five months, activating and rearranging a part of your life and psyche that is flat, stuck or in a rut, prepping you for renewal. With Uranus Direct, things will surely change in some area of your life – and you have a fabulous opportunity for rebirth!

Also, Venus conjoins Saturn and you likely have decisions to make. To be proactive, decide what you will commit to re: love, $$, relationships, beauty, creativity and most importantly, how you value your Self. Boundaries, Self-care/love. You may also discover what needs attention via obstacles or endings. Strategies, priorities, schedules may all be part of your Venus-Saturn experience, as you make choices about what matters that you want to last. You are seeking stability and predictability, that you can count on.

Jan 24 – The Sun sextile Jupiter is a supportive, big picture energy of positivity, saying “Yes!” to life, magnetizing opportunities, radiating wisdom and light into the world. The joyful energy of abundance and faith shows up – and with all planets flowing in Direct motion! This is the energy that will allow you to transcend fear – when you tap into what truly inspires you, you will rise above doubts/fears to reach for your dreams. This is a great day for meetings, creative gatherings and important connections. Enjoy!

Jan 26 – Venus enters Pisces, the sign of her exaltation. Venus in Pisces is Divine Love, compassion, empathy, imagination, Oneness. Venus in Pisces supports lovingkindness, romance, creative pursuits, supporting those with less power, charity and intuitive connections. This is the gentle energy of bliss, going within, tenderness and vulnerability. It is the Priestess, devoted to All That Is and reverence. Namaste.

This week is a major turnaround, with all planets Direct following the Uranus Station on Jan 22. We are still  waiting for Mercury to get up to full speed, but life will slowly pick up in the coming week. Trust your Inner Guidance re: what to do and when. When in doubt, be patient. Trust in Divine Timing, knowing that everything will unfold in just the right way.

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

“The more you are motivated by love, the more fearless and free your actions will be.” ~ His Holiness, The Dalai Lama

“You can’t stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.” ~ Pooh’s Little Instruction Book  

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