New Moon in Aquarius / Lunar New Year – February 9, 2024

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Freedom. Authenticity. Awakening. These are keywords for the frenetic New SuperMoon in Aquarius that is squared by Uranus on Feb 9 at 2:59am PST. This can trigger impulsive, rebellious energy – or it can give you the impetus to express your true uniqueness in ways you wouldn’t normally do due to programming that’s kept you operating in socially acceptable identities, relationships and lifestyles. This is the time to open and address the needs of your Authentic Self. Yes, yes, yes!

The New Moon is the time for new beginnings. Uranus brings the unexpected that can shake things up, open or close doors and change the playing field. If you want to be proactive, YOU make the changes. Your life isn’t meant to stay the same going forward. Aquarius rules innovations, inventions, futuristic creations, Higher Mind, humanitarian causes, groups, orgs, communities, technology and friends; it wants to improve conditions in our rapidly changing world and wants you to evolve. 

We have the Sun-Pluto in Aquarius for the first time ever in our lives, along with the Moon and Mercury, bringing intense energies and a rapid pace that can push your nervous system to the max. Aquarius is strong willed, independent and thinks out of the box, optimal energy for finding solutions to whatever is out of alignment for you in your life. Use this New Moon energy to take an action to make a change. 

Self-care is vital, as your well being is primary. Give yourself space to focus on yourself, allowing time to write intentions, any brilliant ideas you receive or connect with like-minded others in community. Tune in and whatever you’re feeling is the way to go. 

Feb 10 – Lunar New Year – Year of the Wood Dragon. This is an auspicious year, as the Dragon is the one animal in the Chinese zodiac that is a mythical creature and the Wood Dragon represents leadership, strength, confidence, visionary, nurturing and creativity. Embrace these qualities in the coming year as you allow your evolving Self to shift into its next expression.

Feb 10 – Mercury squares Jupiter, which amplifies your thoughts and adds to the high vibe energy. This can stretch your ideas to envision a bigger picture, beyond any stuckness (tunnel vision). Jupiter in Taurus can be attached to security, but Mercury in Aquarius goes beyond the status quo, allowing for unique, visionary paths and genius that Jupiter in Taurus can potentially bring down to earth (with a friendly sextile from Saturn for support). Don’t be afraid to brainstorm and see what you get. It could be brilliant!

Feb 12 – Mars enters Aquarius late tonight and it’s heading for Pluto, which is combustible. Sensitives may feel this unsettling energy rumbling underground before tomorrow, when it’s exact. Mars = aggression and Pluto = what’s hidden. Together, this is often repressed rage, war, major aggression, like a volcano, about to blow. Easy does it… 

Feb 13 – Venus sextile Neptune is beauty, Oneness, the soft, open-hearted compassionate energy of Divine Love. We want to believe in Goodness, that love and light will triumph over darkness. Some people will check out via this energy (drink, drugs, online, shopping, food) to escape the heaviness of Mars-Pluto. Some will pray, meditate, make art, be in nature and choose to use the higher energies of love and higher consciousness to direct their attention deliberately toward what they want. 

Feb 13/14 – Mars conjunct Pluto in Aquarius. This is a powerful combo that can make anything happen at best, and a force of nature that will not be controlled. Dominant, passionate, revolutionary and it will fight if it senses any kind of control or manipulation. Stay tuned to see how it will play out. Rebels will rebel and undercover helpers may rise to assist us in ways we can’t predict; we’ll just have to watch the show. 

Also Chiron (Wound/Master Healer) is conjunct the North Node of Destiny/Fate in Aries all week. This becomes exact on Feb 19, but we’re feeling it and it’s a powerful opportunity for healing issues pertaining to your identity (knowing you truly are), claiming your will and acting on it and living your life on purpose. You may receive information about your life purpose or have a new awareness of your significance – and if you think you already know, consider your evolving Self and life purpose. I think it is very exciting. 

Feb 15 – Mercury sextile Chiron. Healing through conversations, writing, intuition, processing. A variety of possibilities, but they involve the mind and communication, with yourself and/or with another or others. Don’t miss the opportunity for healing, connection, amends or greater understanding. Reach out, be open, be receptive. 

What a week, this new beginning the likes of which we’ve never known before. We are here for it. Don’t be distracted by the noise – pay attention to what’s real within you and what’s yours to do. 

Focus on your mission and purpose. Remember, this is your soul’s contract – to be here now, as part of the  transition team. 

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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