New Moon in Aquarius – Jan 24, 2020

Happy New Moon in Aquarius (1:42pm PST – 4:42pm EST) and Chinese New Year! All New Moons activate new beginnings, but this one is especially potent in the sign of innovation, the Greater Good and authenticity. Aquarius is not bound by traditional rules and regulations (like Capricorn) – it is visionary genius at its best or quirky, unique expressions of Self and ways of operating. No limits!

Do you realize how much freedom you have when you open your mind and explore beyond your usual ways of being and operating? Utilize this profound energy that supports you in getting out of any rut that you are in.

Wherever you feel dead or low energy is exactly what’s calling for change, so experiment, explore and dare to make new moves to redirect your path! It is energizing when you step off the treadmill and onto the Yellow Brick Road…

Uranus squares the New Moon, so you can expect a surprise or shock, whether it’s majorly impactful or just offers a new perspective. With a hard Uranus aspect – if anything goes or you feel blindsided, the Universe is doing for you what you won’t/can’t do for yourself, freeing you from old constraints.

Uranus is the planet of liberation and it strikes like lightning – suddenly. So it will shake up the picture, but once you get your bearings new opportunities present themselves. Look for openings and think big picture for your future. This is the ‘get unstuck’ energy – and all the changes you make help to direct the energy. Make good use of it – set your intentions and take action!!

On Jan 25, Mercury sextiles Mars, activating clear decisions, the ability to express yourself and your desires, sharp thinking and direct moves. Wow, and right on the heels of this dynamic New Moon! This is perfect for putting your new ideas into action with confidence and clarity.

Venus squares Mars on Jan 26, activating creativity and more action, when yin and yang energy interact and sparks fly! Can be passionate in your creativity, relationship or whatever captures your attention. Actions that fuel your heart’s desires…

Jan 27 and 28 has Venus and Mars with Neptune, slowing things down and softening the energy, so don’t push. Do your high energy things now and over the weekend and then flow into the beginning of the week.

Venus is conjunct Neptune on Jan 27 (earthly love with Divine love). This is beautiful energy for creativity, compassion, empathy, spiritual practice and for love and romance. Enjoy this tender, reverent space – and create opportunities to maximize your experience by planning something special for yourself, even if it’s just downtime to fully experience it.

Mars squares Neptune on Jan 28 – wu wei energy, or path of least resistance. Use your intuition when making moves and be in flow. Give yourself more time to do less, gently; a proactive stress reliever – and an act of Self-love :))

What a potentially magical week, with the brilliant Aquarius/Uranus energy! It is your job to direct your life, not just to stay in the same trajectory. There are endless opportunities to brainstorm, reinvent aspects of your life and move toward something new and better for you – may you use it well!

Sending you love and gratitude for your presence on our journey together. xo


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