New Moon in Aquarius – February 2019

We open the week and month of Feb with an intense aspect, a Mars-Pluto square. Aggression vs. Power, which may be a dominant person in conflict you, or you may challenge a powerful opponent. Or buried rage may be triggered by an event or a person. Be mindful to avoid power struggles or the need to win.

Mars-Pluto will continue to pull apart over the weekend into the New Moon on Monday, so although not as intense as today, the energy of conflict or steamrolling over others may be present for the next few days. Easy does it and tread gently.

Pluto rules all that is hidden, which includes unconscious motives – and reactions that are way beyond the situation at hand. That’s when you know you’re dealing with old, repressed wounds that are seeking care, which you can heal if you’re open to do the work.

My guidance is to use these two planets as if they were working together to focus on an outcome you desire, with integrity. You can make things happen, but don’t fight, as there are no real winners in fights. Be strategic and stay high. A victim mentality can attract unwanted experiences. Boo.

The weekend is mixed bag, with some heavy and some enjoyable aspects. On Sat, Feb 2, a Moon-Pluto combo can activate defensive feelings or other shadowy energy. Feel what’s there and pay attention to getting your needs met, rather than sinking into a dark place.

Later on Sat, Venus sextiles Uranus (change), which can attract relationships, new style or social activities that bring out the best in you.

Fun, unique expressions of You and/or unexpected gifts. Yes to all of that!

On Sun, Feb 3, Mercury sextile Jupiter (expansion) can bring good news, positive communications, bright ideas and can alter the big picture with new information that fuels optimism.Good for making decisions that will serve you well. Love this! So much potential :))

Following that, Venus moves into stable Capricorn for the month of Feb, after being in “free spirit” Sagittarius since early Jan. Venus in Cap is serious about desires, $$, relationships and creativity, making it real by bringing it into form. Some think Venus is Cap is heavy; I think it’s an “only the serious need apply” vibe :)) No playing around here…

On Mon, Feb 4 @ 4:04pm ET we have a New Moon in Aquarius, which begins a whole new phase after the Jan Eclipse Period. This is the time to take action toward something you want to create going forward.

Aquarius is the futuristic sign of independence, innovation, invention, revolution, avant-garde, thinking out of the box and your Authentic Self. It’s focused on the Greater Good, groups, organizations, humanitarian causes, equality, technology and your tribe.

Aquarian energy is objective, like Spock (Star Trek) or NASA scientists and engineers. It creates new solutions, explorations and paradigms.

In which area of your life do you need to think out of the box right now?  Are you stuck in a rut? This is the time to take a risk by opening to new ideas and addressing the needs of your Authentic Self.

Instead of relying on a “tried and true” approach or fitting in, dare to do something different! Approach a challenge with a new solution, explore new groups or cultivate new friends. Expand your circles if you’re ready for something new.

The Mars-Pluto square is still lingering on this New Moon, either activating your will and attention, or triggering you/others around some conflict. There’s always a way to refocus your energy and change your mind when something’s not working. Find an innovative solution if you encounter a challenge. Dare to do something different that moves you!

Here are a few good quotes that apply at this time:

Every time we choose safety, we reinforce fear… our world grows smaller and smaller. ~ Cheri Huber

Often our true path is not the apparently safe one, but if we examine the “safe” path, it leads only to deadness and limitation. The only real safety lies in being true to our own self. ~ Alan Cohen

Saturn is still sextile to Neptune, allowing you to bring your dreams down to earth and make them real. These outer planets in their home signs have great power and their connection is our gift. Saturn = do the work. Neptune = access your Higher Self and Divine Love, trusting that dreams can come true. And Saturn provides structure and a way. Never give up!

The rest of the week offers offers opportunities for creating, connecting and discovery. Focus on where you’re going in this new cycle of creation and what your heart and soul desires, knowing that if you dream it, it is meant for you!

All is in Divine order. All is well. And your presence is important.

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