New Moon in Aquarius – Feb 8, ’16

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The latest line in astrological circles is: “February is the new January.” When Mercury Retrograde completes the retracing of it’s shadow on Feb 13, then we’ll be in the REAL new energy :))

Right now, we’re still in the energy of Mercury/Pluto/Venus, which can bring up deep, buried info, desires, patterns. Or maybe info that came up/out when Mercury was Retrograde has opened up areas of life that you are dealing with now.

Venus/Pluto (active all weekend), can manifest as triangles (either love, friendship, business) that are ripe for dysfunction, so be aware of this dynamic. Be clear and honest when dealing with  multiple  people – don’t tell one person one thing and the other another. It’s a low level control pattern that doesn’t serve anyone.

With Venus in harmony with Mars over the weekend, good, romantic and/or creative things can happen…

We have a New Moon in Aquarius this week on Mon, Feb 8th – a very promising time for new beginnings, as Uranus (change) and Saturn (structure/authority) are both making harmonious aspects to this magnificent New Moon!

Plant new seeds and implement new ideas for 2016 to activate a fresh trajectory. And even if YOU don’t intentionally plant new seeds, they will be there because Uranus is the Ruler of Aquarius and it is ready to mix things up!

So expect the unexpected in the month of Feb, which can be anything. Direct your attention toward what you want. Look forward, allow past lessons to make you wiser and more compassionate, and think about where you can stretch into something better for you.

In which area of your life do you need to think out of the box, to be innovative or inventive right now?   Are you stuck in a rut?  If so, this is the time to take a risk by opening to new ideas and addressing the needs of your Authentic Self, while aligning with your Higher Self.

Instead of relying on the “tried and true” or focusing on fitting in, dare to do something different.  Approach a challenge with a new solution, explore new groups or cultivate new friends.

Aquarius is  also about equality and friendship, seeing our brothers and sisters around the world as equals regardless of race, religion, politics or creed, remembering that we are more alike than we are different deep inside. Boy, do we need this now…

I wish you the courage to honor your Self and your unique brilliance so you can contribute in the best possible ways for you. ♥︎

We have major  Moon Void of Course periods this week , which can derail intended outcomes and productivity – and are optimal times to access your creativity, spiritual pursuits, routines or leisure activities. Be aware and pay attention.

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