New Moon in Aquarius – Feb 2, ’11

Jupiter in Aries, Saturn Retrograde

Here’s the current energetic picture:

Your right foot (Jupiter) is on the gas pedal, ready to fly! Your left foot (Saturn) is on the brake pedal, slowingyou down cautiously so that you pay attention to the road. They are two distinctly different energies with opposing agendas – more and bigger vs. careful, prudent boundaries.

Jupiter (expansion, optimism) in Aries (action, maverick) feels like you’ve been shot out of a rocket booster – let’s call it “optimistic action” – and with this energy, things often work out because you expect them to. A positive mindset coupled with dynamic action goes a long way!

Simultaneously, Saturn (structure, responsibility) is  Retrogradeuntil June, giving you clear direction regarding structures that need to be tweaked or revamped in order to be at their optimal functioning.

Perhaps there is some mountain you need to climb – a system upgrade, some education, training or  personal development that you need in order to fully stand in your authority – but there is  something that you needto address in order to move forward more effectively. That’s Saturn’s message for you. It’s your job to determine or discover what that is and how to get your needs met regarding the restructuring.

New Moon in Aquarius ~ Feb 2 @ 6:31 pm PT /9:31 pm ET

This New  Moon is a HUGE new beginning as it’s not only a New Moon, but the Chinese New Year as well!

Plan to take action to begin anything new within 24 hours of it, as this is the time to plant seeds that will grow and flower throughout the month and beyond!

The New Moon is an opportunity to begin again, so dare to be authentic and show your brilliance, while contributing to the greater good. Take the leap and upgrade your expectations for yourself and your life!

Aquarius is the sign of genius, innovation, new ways of doing old things and “the new” in general. It is the rebel, the revolutionary, the humanitarian who thinks of the greater good and the group rather than the individual.

This is “Oprah” energy and her story is a perfect case in point. Who would ever have predicted that a girl from her background would grow up to be Queen of a media empire, with so much influence to help others for the greater good? Conventional wisdom has no bearing on Aquarius the rebel – it defies convention (which is  usually fear-based anyway).

Focus on your purpose and direction – what is your genius and what did you come here to offer? Remember, if it’s not your genius, it’s not your job!

Aquarius represents community, so find the community that speaks to you, where your authentic self fits in effortlessly and where you feel you belong. I can’t say enough about finding your tribe and when you’re there, you’ll feel just right – like putting on a shoe that fits!

We need more love and connection if we are to actualize our vision for the world – and what is your role in creating more love, more joy, more beauty and understanding? Surely you have a part in this – I know that you do, even if you haven’t quite identified it yet.

Be your authentic Self and stand in your genius and mastery. You came to offer this and yes, we need you!

Don’t forget – write this in your calendar now , as you’ve got advance notice! Plan to take action on the New Moon (you can begin on Thurs, Feb 3rd) to initiate anything you want to create, launch or expand. The only limits you will experience are those within you!

“Leadership is a dare — and the dare is, ‘Are you willing to show up?'” ~ Robert Holden

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