Neptune Stations Retrograde – June 2023

On the final week of June, we sit in the Station of nebulous Neptune that turns Retrograde on June 30 at 27º Pisces. However, it doesn’t leave this degree until late Aug – and it’s squaring the Galactic Center (bringing in higher frequencies), as we receive downloads of cosmic transmissions that are hard to define or describe, but they are definitely working on our consciousness, collectively and personally.

June 26 – Mars square Uranus brings chaotic energy into the mix – impulsive actions (yours or others’), blindsides, accidents, unpredictable events, impatience or pushing to make things happen (bad idea). Tempers can flare. Watch it. Get the energy out via physical release, exercise or some positive expression of a passion for you.

June 26/27 – Mercury in Cancer (til July 11). Communications become more intuitive and emotional, as your feelings color your thoughts. You may have to be in the mood to talk or connect with someone, you may want to talk about your feelings, or withdraw to process them alone (into your shell?). You won’t be satisfied to make small talk – now you want to connect emotionally, to have conversations that are more meaningful. You will reap the benefits of sharing from the heart.

June 28 – Sun trine Saturn. This is a great day to get things done, take care of business, make decisions, sign documents, do paperwork, get organized, make plans, outlines, frame your future. Saturn loves structures and you are seeking security, stability and things that will last. Commitment to your Self and step into your Authority – i.e., trust your Self.

Venus trine Chiron. This can be a heart healing, an amends, a shift in perspective in which you let someone off the hook (forgiveness) – including yourself, an opening (a new level of safety), compassion, tenderness and any other heartfelt expression of lovingkindness offered and received.

June 29 – Mercury-Saturn wants to organize information and make it clear, handle paperwork, make decisions, ground ideas and plans in reality. Practical results is the goal.

June 29 – Dreamy Neptune turns Retrograde today, but this energy has been prominent for a while. It can either lift you up to Divine Love and compassion, intuition, devotional practices and creativity – or it can bring you down into victimhood, suffering, addiction and confusion.

Neptune dissolves what is no longer needed – and it very subtle, yet powerful, so you can feel something changing, but it’s easy to think something is wrong with YOU if it’s connecting with one of your planets personally. Especially if you’re a left-brained type who is very linear. Neptune comes in and brings a blanket of fog or uncertainty that makes you second-guess yourself, which can be unnerving if you don’t know what’s happening. Thank goodness for astrology at times like this!

One thing is certain – Neptune calls your energy within to focus on your inner development, so you may have less vitality to engage in daily activities. If you need to rest, do it. Meditate. Walk in nature. Nurture your spirit, play with animals and children or whatever lifts you up. Dance, listen to music, see or make art, read, help people in need. Neptune is the planet of Oneness.

In the higher dimensions, ALL are ONE. What a world it would be if we practiced this in 3D. You can do your bit by connecting with another – by seeing them, talking to them, appreciating them. They will know because they will feel when it’s genuine. Really, what a wonderful world this could be…

See you in a few days. As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

“A dreamer, you know, is a mind that looks over the edges of things.” ~ Mary O’Hara

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