Neptune Retrograde, Summer Solstice Approaching – June 2017

After sitting still all week, dreamy Neptune turns Retrograde today for the next 5 months. If you are Pisces Sun, Moon, Rising or if you have a prominent Neptune placement in your chart, you feel this every day! But for left-brain, linear types this time can be disconcerting, as Neptune is not an energy of this 3D world.

[Note: How do you know if Neptune is prominent in your chart? You feel for those with less power, the underdog. Compassion and empathy have always been a powerful part of what moves you.] 

This is probably not the day to make major commitments, decisions, or to take actions. Things can get confusing, either on your end or the other’s. Better to go with the flow today…

Neptune is the planet of illusion (imagination), All Are One, compassion, empathy, the direct experience of Spirit, dreams and Divine Love. It is a soft, receptive, gentle energy with no boundaries, which works in higher dimensions. All are One.

However, on planet earth (3D) having no boundaries is a problem. Other lower expressions of Neptune include: victimhood, sacrifice, suffering, martyrdom, anxiety, depression, worry, delusion and addiction (any unconscious checkout).

If you are addicted to busyness, living through your mind, filling inner emptiness with drama, alcohol, food, shopping, FB, TV, endless social activities, work or anything that keeps you from feeling your feelings, these behaviors block you from connecting with your Higher Self.

The antidote: go within (meditation, yoga, solitude, creativity), enjoy art, music or allow yourself to connect with nature in a quiet space. Nurture your spirit with yin energy (receiving) and to experience the benefits of deep inner nourishment.

Saturn just opposed the Sun (reality check) and on Sunday and Monday Saturn opposes Mercury, challenging your thinking or decisions if anything is shaky. Or you may be asked to justify or explain your actions to some authority, client or partner.

If so, trust yourself and be willing to provide details about your position – not to be defensive, but to be clear. This may be tricky with Neptune in the mix, clouding communications or even your own thinking.

Slow down if you hit a wall. Clear your mind and then look again with fresh eyes, keeping your focus on the desired outcome while you do the work. That’s the key with Saturn – do the work.

On Wed June 21 @ 12:24am EDT, the Sun moves into Cancer and we celebrate the Summer Solstice – equal parts day and night, balance, and the beginning of Summer.

Cancer rules emotional needs and how you get them met, your home (your nest), feelings of tenderness, vulnerability, emotional safety and security, family, food, tradition, emotional connection, nurturing and being nurtured.

Are your emotional needs being met or is there an imbalance (more giving than receiving, lack of connection)? It’s your job to find ways to take care of yourself – and then do them, faithfully.

If you don’t treat yourself as a precious gem, I wonder why not? Whatever your answer is, that’s your path to work on.

You matter and you did not come into this life to be limited as a permanent condition. Your growth and evolution benefits you, your loved ones and the world, so please don’t withhold your greatness!

For specific timing when the Moon is Void of Course (a time NOT to take actions that require specific outcomes), get your monthly Perfect Timing Guide.

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