Neptune Retrograde, Fixed T-Square – June/July 2021

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We begin the week in a soft, flowy energy and shift into a challenging showdown that triggers the Saturn-Uranus square by week’s end. Mercury is Direct, but still retracing earlier steps as it recovers its shadow and momentum, so don’t hurry when taking actions. When in doubt, practice the 24-hour rule (wait).

Today (June 25) we’re fully immersed in the cocoon of dreamy Neptune as it turns to Retrograde today thru Dec 1. Neptune’s energetic rhythm is subtle and imperceptible, yet profound as it very slowly dissolves old boundaries, beliefs, perspectives and attachments, so that in time, you no longer think or feel the way you used to. 

Neptune has been in the mix, making hard aspects all year and creating a collective smokescreen of confusion, illusion and anxiety, so that we aren’t sure what is real or true anymore. I think it’s worn down our over-consumption of info or being fixed in rigid beliefs, which serves the purpose of diffusing and dispersing old stuck energy. Think of it as an inner cleanse and clearing that ultimately translates to creating your external life.

Venus leaves nurturing Cancer and enters showy Leo on June 27 – July 21, where the Goddess of Love is ready to be recognized!! Venus in Leo needs attention and appreciation, so if you’ve put yourself on the back burner by serving others’ needs, it’s time to indulge yourself (mani-pedi/spa visit) and maybe upgrade your style (hair/makeup/wardrobe). 

Venus in Leo loves to be adored with grand gestures of love. Who adores or appreciates you and how do you know? If you don’t relate, you may be blocking yourself by doing everything yourself or by attracting people who take more than they give. 

If so, time for a course correction to learn how to open to receiving, as I believe you receive as much love, affection and indulgence as you allow (or that your ego can tolerate). Just know that you can change what’s not working for you, with a change in attitude, actions and openness.

On July 1 we have with three strong-willed planets in a T-square: Mars opposes Saturn and Uranus squares them both. Mars (action) opposite Saturn (structure) creates obstacles, delays or red tape that bogs you down with extra work. Uranus (change) square Mars activates impulsive, impatient, nervous energy that can be reckless in haste. Don’t push – it will backfire on you if you do.

Saturn says: “Follow the rules” and rebellious Uranus says: “I do it MY way” – or just “NO.” Hurry up and wait. Stuck in the middle between two conflicting forces, which can stress the nervous system, provoke anger and/or deflate your spirit (low vibe). 

I would let this energy pass before trying to move forward – and since the Mars-Uranus square is exact on July 3, this tension lingers thru July 4. Be mindful of fireworks (literal and figurative) and move gently with awareness to avoid accidents. ‘Tis the season…

We’re shifting into a creative new dynamic in July (Venus, Mars in Leo), but still with the stress of having to encounter the Saturn-Uranus square that is deconstructing and challenging the status quo on every level, as well as sparking new “pop-up” creations to futurize our world. Detachment is an asset to cultivate during times like these, from how things should be, used to be, ought to be. Open your mind to new ideas. 

The higher expressions of Uranus are authenticity, humanitarian, genius and futuristic visionary – and for Saturn it is authority, stability and responsibility. Take the best of these and see how you can incorporate them in your life going forward, but be sure that whatever you are developing, being, creating or building involves movement and change. 

Tune in to your Inner Guidance (hello Neptune!) and trust your prompts or gut feelings, especially a simple “yes” or “no.” Even though the ego wants security and comfort, your soul came to evolve, stretch and grow – a journey that never ends. So get interested in the next leg of your journey, not from a survival perspective, but as the adventurer that you are! 

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo

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