Neptune Retrograde / Capricorn Full Moon – July 2023

June 30 – Neptune turns Retrograde, which invites spiritual integration or the process of finding meaning in what you experience on an inner or higher level via messages, signs, synchronicities, feelings, images or dreams, as your senses are attuned to the nonlinear world. Mindfulness is the way. Slow down.

This flowy energy has been active for a while in various forms. It can either lift you up to greater sensitivity, Divine Love, compassion, intuition, devotional practices and creativity – or it can drag you down into worry, victimhood, suffering, addiction, depression and confusion. 

Neptune dissolves what is no longer needed – and it very subtle, yet powerful, so you can feel something changing, but it’s easy to think something is wrong with YOU when it’s connecting with your planets personally. Especially if you’re a left-brained type who is very linear, organized or control-oriented. Neptune arrives with a blanket of fog or uncertainty that makes you second-guess yourself that can be unnerving if you don’t know what’s happening. Thank goodness for astrology at times like this! 

Neptune calls your energy within to focus on your inner development, so you may have less vitality to engage in daily activities. If you need to rest, do it. Meditate. Walk in nature. Nurture your spirit, play with animals, children or whatever lifts you up. Dance, listen to music, see or make art, read, help people in need. Neptune is the planet of Oneness. In the higher dimensions, ALL are One. Let this be your spirit practice.

July 1 – A gold star day with three positive aspects working together. I’ll break them down, one by one.

1 – Mercury conjunct the Sun (Mercury cazimi Sun). Notice any signs, synchronicities, messages, info, ideas or intuitive hits you get today. Consider them breadcrumbs on your path of development, calling you forward, asking you to “tune in” in order to recognize clues that offer you guidance and clarity. 

2 – Mercury sextile Jupiter. This brings good news, positive thinking, beneficial communications, deals, agreements, contracts, smart plans, business or travel opportunities/deals. This favors writing, speaking, thinking, teaching, learning – bright ideas and capitalizing on any Mercury-Sun discoveries earlier. You notice something and get an idea or are able to make a plan. Be creative! 

3 – Sun sextile Jupiter. This is the classic energy of optimism, self-confidence and wisdom. Stretch yourself and have a new experience that will expand your horizons, reach out and share, start a new project or gather with friends to socialize. This harmonious, upbeat energy generates positive interactions, good timing, a can-do mindset and a supportive container for the aspects occurring today. Make the most of this ripe, fertile, sunny day where you have an understanding of what’s happening for you.

July 2 – Venus square Uranus. Because Venus in Leo will be Retrograde from July 22 – Sept 3, this is the first of three squares between these two planets (also Aug 9, Sept 29) – and it’s not only on these dates, but there will be a theme of course correcting what’s not in alignment for you regarding relationships and your values – and you need to pay attention to what’s not working and how you feel during this period.

Venus square Uranus can make you suddenly want to break out of any stale patterns or relationships that you feel stuck in. Uranus is sudden change, so either you or a partner may want freedom – and this can be a romantic, committed partner or a friendship. Rather than a breakup, you can give each other space or negotiate what’s not working if it’s something fixable. But if you’ve been ignoring a dealbreaker, maybe a breakup is called for – and know that breakthroughs are possible as well, if you are doing personal work, regarding how you value your Self.

This can also be a change in values, in style (hairdo, clothing, home decor) – how you’re presenting yourself or living, and want a radical change. Warning: you may change your mind later. We are currently in the shadow of Venus Retrograde – and after the Retrograde, when it turns Direct, and clears its shadow again, you may not like the radical choices you made. Be sure you can undo any changes you make, just in case, like no tattoos or plastic surgery (I’m telling you this as your friend :)). 

July 3 – Full Moon in Capricorn. Capricorn represents discipline, goals and structures that last. Capricorn is practical, methodical and wants to create something real. The guidance is always: do the work – and you should know what that is.

Capricorn is also your Inner Authority. No matter what your worldly position is, you need to trust yourself rather than needing approval, permission or agreement to feel comfortable about your decisions. Saturn,  is in harmony with the Full Moon, supporting your efforts and giving you strength.

The Full Moon is trining lucky Jupiter, offering good judgment and timing, with a big picture vision of how to move forward that should be beneficial. Mercury conjoins the Sun, opposing the Moon, indicating many conversations as you negotiate home life/family vs. work demands during this period. This is your mid-year check in to assess where you are and how you’re doing. Take what you see objectively and do your work, as needed. 

July 5 – Mercury square Chiron. You may become aware of an inner wound that needs attention or healing – and if so, take action. You may be the healer for  someone who comes to you. You may hear hurtful words or deliver them. Remember, amends were made for occasions such as this. Namaste, we are human. 

July 6 – Mercury sextile Uranus. The genius comes through! Bright ideas, innovative solutions, radical changes, spontaneous conversations that create new perspectives. Almost anything can happen with this brilliant higher mental energy! Tap into your higher mind and see what’s waiting to download – connect with an out of the box thinker and brainstorm. This is problem-solving delight if you’re into it…

What a week! A lot of activity and tremendous potential for creating internally and generating that which can become real in the outer world. All the while, feeling expanded and having fun as you do it! 

I wish that for you. As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

“Dreams are not made to put us to sleep, but to awaken us.” ~ Goemans

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