Neptune Retro, Summer Solstice & Sun in Cancer ~ June 21, 2018

Get ready for a week of energetic changes, with major shifts every few days. The Sun is still in lively Gemini and it’s Ruler Mercury (communication) is opposing Saturn (Authority) today. If you feel critical or judgmental of others or yourself, you limit your options, lower your vibration and bring yourself down.

The best use of Mercury-Saturn is to express yourself clearly, make a solid plan or get the data necessary to create a stable structure. I’ll never forget a sales manager sharing that when a customer said “No,” she said they just needed more information! I loved that!! No discouragement with that attitude. Regroup, reassess and find another way if your heart is aligned with your goal, but don’t give up or have an inner/outer tantrum. It’s not personal…

Dreamy Neptune Stations Retrograde on Mon, June 18 until Nov 24 inviting you to go within to make use of even more acute sensitivity and intuition. This can facilitate receiving guidance re: issues calling for attention or resolution. Explore your inner world and see if anything new is revealed for you.

Neptune rules higher dimensions, dreams, imagination and all nonlinear experiential processing. It is soft and connected to All That Is, but it can also create confusion, delusion and a general sense of malaise when it hits you personally in a challenging way.

Neptune energy supports spiritual or creative pursuits, healing, leisure and connecting with nature. It can interfere with left-brain focus or high intensity activities, so follow your own natural rhythm and flow with Neptune when it unwinds old structures in your life that are superfluous or inhibiting your growth and evolution.

You’ll know if you’re having a Neptune transit because you’ll feel less clear or energized around that which you used to know for sure – or were identified with. It’s a fascinating process as long as you flow with it. Hold the view that the Universe is conspiring for your Highest Good for maximum peace and comfort.

The Solstice is on Thurs @ 6:07am ET when the Sun enters Cancer and we officially enter the Summer season. It’s the longest day of the year with equal parts day and night in perfect balance.

Cancer rules emotional needs and how you get them met, your home (your nest), feelings of tenderness, vulnerability, emotional safety and security, family, food, tradition, emotional connection, nurturing and being nurtured.

Are your emotional needs being met or is there an imbalance (more giving than receiving, lack of connection)? It’s your job to find ways to take care of yourself – and then do them, faithfully.

As part of your Self-care on this Summer Solstice, celebrate the Light in your life and cultivate even more to create a beautiful cocoon to feed your soul and raise your Spirit, which will then emanate out into the world. When others connect with you – they will also receive your Light.

Namaste, friends. We’re on a mission…

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