Neptune in Pisces – Feb 3, ’12

Neptune enters its own sign of Pisces for the next 14 years.

This brings in a decidedly new energy and feeling of Divine Love, compassion, imagination and Oneness on the higher side – and confusion, blurry boundaries, delusion, escapism and idealization on the lower side. All are possible – and you will have the opportunity to experience moments of each over the years.

If you find yourself tempted to check out, regardless of what your substance is (food, alcohol, drugs, computer, shopping, romance, etc), choosing a higher expression instead of the lower will serve you well.

Try yoga, being in nature, dancing, listening to beautiful music, or being creative in some way. Going within in quiet contemplation is the domain of Neptune, as well helping those less fortunate, as this is the sign of Divine Love.

Neptune/Pisces rules the higher dimension where All Are One (no boundaries), but here in 3D having healthy boundaries is necessary for well being.

Be sure that you know where you end and others begin, i.e., what is your responsibility and what is not. This is an important topic that you may understand intellectually, but not put into practice as well. Know that correcting fuzzy (or non-existent) boundaries can change your life!

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