Neptune Direct / Lunar Eclipse in Gemini – November 2020

We open today on Black Friday (Nov 27), with Mercury sextile Pluto, supporting good decisions and seeking to understand more deeply than just accepting info at face value. A little investigation can go a long way, especially on this super shopping day. Ask, “Is this really a bargain – or good marketing?” Important conversations may be had that lead to profound connections or awakenings. A real gift of discernment on this day of info overload, with endless ads and sales and post-Thanksgiving sharing.

Plus, Venus is opposing unpredictable Uranus, so watch your spending and stay conscious, as Uranus loves stimulation, excitement and new things. It’s a one-day aspect, which feels like a shopping trigger – or maybe a relationship flare pops up. Don’t get a dramatic new haircut, beauty or cosmetic procedure today or you may be sorry later (what was I thinking?!). Or if you do, think it through… and know that quality of life changes (and decisions) are on the menu today, as Venus rules what makes life worth living. 

All that unfolds during this active week of change, will be occurring against the backdrop of the watery energy of Divine Love, confusion and illusion, or compassionate, spiritual, creative dreams. This is the experience that Neptune brings as it stops to turn Direct on Nov 28, affecting the collective, as well as you personally, especially if it aspects planets in your chart.

Neptune transmits a frequency that dissolves old outdated structures with subtle undoing, that loosens your grip on old ideas (about your Self and the world), ways of being and operating. You may feel tired or low energy, as your focus is called within to contemplate, meditate, be quiet, and commune with your spirit. This is the beauty and magic of Neptune. Movies (illusions), dreams (sleeping and waking), imagination and connection to All That Is, are higher expressions of this mystical, empathic planet. 

Anxiety, depression, sacrifice, addiction, martyrdom and victimhood are lower expressions of Neptunian energy – and if you find yourself in any of these, do what you can to shift into the higher modes by seeking help. Nobody lands here on purpose. Just know that Neptune is an experiential energy – and with appropriate actions, can allow you to transcend the troubles of the 3D world when you utilize it successfully, so please, never give up working toward achieving spiritual freedom. It can be yours!

Also on Nov 28, Mercury sextiles Jupiter, which indicates good news, smart plans, a positive, can-do outlook and connection to your high ideals and convictions, and a path forward. We have a tremendous cohort of dynamic planetary activity occurring within two days that can activate real change! You may move through this without thinking much about it, but know that you have flowy possibilities available to you, should you choose to engage in designing aspects of your life deliberately. This means making decisions or tweaks, based on desires, commitments and/or fresh perspectives. But that’s not all…

We close the month with a Lunar Eclipse at 8º Gemini on Nov 30 @ 1:30am PST – and you’ll be feeling this electric energy all weekend. A Lunar Eclipse is a Full Moon (Sun in Sagittarius-Moon in Gemini), which brings things to light, as well as completions, endings and the culmination of events.

Here’s some general info about Eclipses:

Emotions run high around eclipses – expect the unexpected as well as fated events, and be flexible.

Eclipses can either clear huge obstacles or manifest potential challenges and things usually happen quickly.

If you’re confronted with an unexpected situation or event, take a moment to assess where you are and let the dust settle, if possible.

There’s a saying, “Don’t just do something, sit there!” Use that guidance when anxiety triggers you to act prematurely or reactively, which will not serve your highest good.

Please don’t judge events that happen around an Eclipse as “good” or “bad,” because you don’t know what the big picture is and more will be revealed… 

The Full Moon in Gemini may trigger uncertainty, with an abundance of conflicting info that has you anxiously seeking answers or understanding. The good news is that Mercury (Ruler of Gemini) is sextile steady Saturn, that speaks to stability, structure, sound decisions, methodical plans and commitments. This is a blessing. Hopefully, it will help to ground the frenetic Eclipse energy and support you in being present, here on planet earth, rather than flying around in my busy mind (Gemini :)). 

Mercury moves into idealistic Sagittarius on Dec 1, with a big vision and a powerful desire to find the truth! Mercury in impulsive Sag, will speak up without hesitation – and can be blunt in service to being honest, so mind your delivery should you decide to confront an issue that needs resolution. Utilize this high intention visionary energy to make a plan for the coming year or going forward in some way.

We are finally turning a corner in a year that has demanded much from us, as we seek solutions that will carry us into the new year in a more connected, caring, kind and inclusive way. The world has weathered many storms throughout the years, and we are entering completion mode of this one, although it’s not a quick or solid ending – more like the beginning of the end of a chapter named 2020. 

Make the most of this potentially beneficial week – and keep your spirits high. Choose a “glass half full” lens through which to operate. As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. 


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