Neptune Direct, Jupiter square Venus/Pluto – Nov ’16

neptunian-girlNeptune (illusion, Oneness) turns Direct tomorrow, which colors the atmosphere for everyone. Because it dissolves old structures, when Neptune is present life feels less linear – which can create confusion, delusion, and escapism.

Neptune also creates fertile ground for spiritual experience, creativity, expanding beyond the limits of the linear mind, thereby allowing for expansion of consciousness and opening in new ways.

The South Node is on Neptune, which can bring old issues to the surface or people in from your past. It’s up to you to decide what is useful and what has come up for you to make peace with in some way. That’s the highest use I see for this Neptune/S. Node energy.

Longing for the past and what is over will only bring you down. Appreciation is higher energy, feeling sad and looking in the rear view mirror is a lower expression of this energy, so be mindful.

Saturday, Nov 19, is a good day for Neptunian activities – movies, dancing, being in nature, spiritual pursuits, selfless service, being creative or experiencing creative expression (theater, art, music, poetry) or connecting with your Higher Self in some way.

This is our final weekend in Scorpio and on Monday we lift off into positive, big picture Sagittarius. This is generally an optimistic, can-do energy that expands your world. However, Jupiter is squaring Pluto all week, becoming exact on Thanksgiving Day. Oh boy…

Mercury (communication) is in harmony with Jupiter on Tues, Nov 22, supporting communications, bright ideas, good news and smart plans. Especially in the morning (Moon Void of Course later in the day).

Wed afternoon, Mercury is conjunct Saturn (structure), making it a good time to make a commitment, sign a contract or make a decision. Only if you’re sure, though, because the Jupiter Pluto square can make you overly eager (hot to trot).

About the Jupiter-Pluto square – Jupiter magnifies everything and Pluto is about power and control. A square is a potential setup for power struggles, control and heavy persuasion dramas during the week and especially on the holiday.

Venus ($$, values) is conjunct Pluto on Thanksgiving Day as well, creating Jupiter square Pluto/Venus an even more combustible combo. The tendency is to blow things out of proportion (just what you don’t need now).

I would steer clear of conversations about politics, $$, business, religion, beliefs and anything touchy unless you trust the ability of the people involved to take the high road in discussions. Or to keep things civil.

Otherwise, maybe you can make an agreement not to discuss topics that activate people. Maybe you can focus on appreciating family and friends and what they’re creating in their lives; celebrating the blessings rather than trying to convince anyone of anything.

Whatever you do, make a plan. Don’t just show up with people and end up in a post-election drama. Or even if you are all in agreement, it’s still a lower expression of energy to join in mourning or complaining together. Remember, we are all feeding the collective…

The Higher expression of Jupiter/Pluto/Venus is creating a vision where everyone wins, where we are valued and valuable, where possibilities exist and lower beliefs are transformed for the Greater Good. Where compassion lives and people become more empowered and connected. It’s a dream, but you get to create your own dream, whatever it looks like for you.

Putting people down doesn’t lift you up. If you’re an action type and are so inclined, get involved in your community to create needed services, education, support – what you can do to help. Or be a beacon of peace and possibility.

I’m encouraging you to deliberately create the experience you want to have rather than being in reaction to what you don’t want. It’s a decision. Toxic energy is like drinking poison. Love yourself and others enough to be caring and careful.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends. I appreciate all of you as well as my friends around the world; my connection with you inspires me beyond any words I can say. Namaste.


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