Neptune Direct – December 2023

We shift gears in December, with Mercury and Venus changing signs and Neptune changing direction. Although it’s barely moving, Neptune is Stationing to turn Direct this week, radiating subtle, yet profound multi-dimensional frequencies that activate Divine Love and Oneness, to awaken us when we turn within. 

Dec 1 – Mercury in Capricorn. Following Mercury in “yes to everything!” Sagittarius, Mercury grounds into rational, cautious Capricorn, sign of planning and creating things that last. This will help you get organized for the coming month and even 2024. 

Dec 2 – Mercury sextile Saturn. Because Saturn rules Capricorn, this extends the energy from yesterday and is helpful for clarifying, planning, decision-making, connecting and focusing on projects, budgets, goals and priorities. This is productive energy pre-Mercury Retrograde, so use it well. 

Dec 3 – Venus square Pluto. Relationships will be tested and the experience you have will likely be determined by your communication skills, personal accountability and connection to your partner (or the other person). This can bring up issues around trust, $$, imbalances of power, manipulation or hidden agendas – or it can offer an opportunity to explore an issue and create a breakthrough, providing you both have the desire to do the work and pursue a common goal or outcome. 

The square indicates conflict, but it can lead to transformation if you get real (vulnerable). No guarantees, but it’s possible. Whatever the case, something dear to your heart may be challenged in a way you hadn’t anticipated, perhaps causing you to feel threatened or in need of protection. Or maybe it’s in the global world and not personal, as a relationship or $$ power struggle comes to the forefront.

Dec 4 – Venus in Scorpio. This follows Venus square Pluto, as Pluto rules Scorpio. Venus is your values and what you love – and Scorpio is deep, passionate, private, intuitive and very careful about who it allows in. Venus in Scorpio goes beneath the surface to discern what is really true (the detective); it connects by going on a deep dive. Venus in Scorpio asks you to honor your reality and don’t play games with yourself or others. Explore any unexpressed desires that are buried within you if you are moved to do so. Stay tuned for what may be revealed…

Dec 5 – Venus trine Saturn. This goes to your priorities and what you value. Saturn takes practical actions to ensure that anything that’s important to you will be well taken care of so that it is sustained. This is good for clarifying your priorities, stabilizing relationships, $$ and honoring your Self. Yes, yes, yes!

Dec 6 – Neptune Stations Direct. Neptune turns Direct, but it’s at 24º until Dec 28, so even when it begins to move in a few days, it is literally inching along, barely perceptible. The lack of movement increases its impact on us, especially if you’re having a Neptune transit – then you’ve been feeling it for so long, you’re used to it. Neptune’s mission is to call your energy within, to the peace of the higher realms. 

Neptune dissolves old ego structures within your consciousness, but it’s so subtle, you may not know what’s going on and it can manifest as confusion. Know that confusion is an opening, an unwinding of the old structures. The antidote is to operate via your intuition or by your gut feeling. Trust your instincts, not your mind if you’re in a Neptunian fog – or just wait for a moment of clarity – and don’t panic. Trust that ALL is well. 

This is higher consciousness that inspires you to connect with your transcendent Self to seek the meaning of your life, a mystical journey and departure from the 3D world. Spiritual practices, being in nature, prayer, music and going within facilitate access to higher energies, with grace and utility, for peace – and your Highest Good.

Dec 7 – Sun trine Chiron. The potential for healing, an awakening, forgiveness or a new perspective is available if you are willing to do the work or are blessed by a healing connection. A gift. 🙏🏼

Also, Mercury trine Jupiter – Good news, optimism, positive thinking, smart plans and opportunities, with communications that lift you up and/or expand your world. This is a stellar day! 

Mercury Retrograde is Dec 12 – Jan 1, 2024. The holiday season will slow down, be a little backwards with mail snafus likely. Prepare for travel, shopping, planning, not for fear or worry, rather to create extra space, knowing that the slowdown will serve our minds and nervous systems to have a little rest. 

This is a wonderful week of productivity and organization, in preparation for the future. At the least, contemplate your priorities for the coming year and how you can prepare. Make the most of 

Wishing you a blessed, powerful, transformative week. Take time to go within and be still. 

“The rational mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master.” ~ Carl Jung

“May you awaken to the mystery of being here and enter the quiet immensity of your own presence.” ~ John O’Donohue

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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