Neptune Direct / Approaching Solar Eclipse – Nov ’21

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Here’s the setup for the week. Neptune is the planet that rules the higher realms where All Are One (unity consciousness), dreams, compassion, empathy, imagination, intuition, Higher Self and nonlinear energy. 

When Neptune slows to change direction, its broadcast is felt as a backdrop (subtle, yet profound), and as it Stations to turn Direct on Dec 1, its diffuse energy reverberates all week, clouding the atmosphere and calling your energy and attention within. If you feel tired, don’t push yourself, follow your Inner Guidance and slow down.

We are also approaching a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on Dec 4 @ 2:43am PST, a major new beginning, so all week we are in the dark of the Moon, between Eclipses. Very fertile, with infinite potential, ripe for communing with your Higher Self to feel into your path, purpose and direction for 2022 and any other messages you receive. Give yourself the quiet space to withdraw to receive wisdom from sources seen and unseen during this liminal period.

Saturn sextiles Chiron on Nov 26, which supports healing issues re: stepping into your Authority, a theme that has been in process all year. Saturn in Capricorn is about your career/structures and trusting your Self, and Chiron in Aries is claiming your identity. 

This is a year when many have left jobs to pursue Self-employment by monetizing their own innate gifts or skills. Or perhaps you have just learned to trust your own judgment, rather than needing outside approval or permission (yes!). This is empowerment. 

On Nov 28, as the Sun conjoins Mercury, look for info, communications and connections to show up, as Mercury the messenger, stimulates mental processing, conversations, negotiations, buying or selling, brainstorming and planning. You may be multi-tasking at the close of Black Friday sales, making final decisions and purchases. This is also great for socializing, should you have the desire – or you may just want to go within and quiet your mind to access your own inner clarity.

On Nov 29, Mars trine Neptune, that has the planet of action (Mars) in harmony with flowy Neptune, creating Wu Wei energy (Law of Least Effort). Don’t push, just flow around obstacles and follow your intuition. Great for creative and spiritual pursuits, intuitive movement will serve you well.

Also on Nov 29, Mercury trine Chiron creates a setup that is ripe for healing conflicts involving harsh words, stuck mental patterns/viewpoints or making amends. You may also have insights that allow for a level of wisdom that you previously hadn’t embodied before – or you share/hear words that facilitate true understanding. However it goes, this feels like a blessing.

Nov 30 brings multiple aspects to close the month. Mercury trines Saturn, with stabilizing info, plans, communications, agreements, contracts and decisions that create lasting structures. Your thoughts, words and deeds are more serious and measured. 

This is followed by the Sun trine Chiron, creating a shift in the way you see or express your Self, realign your Self with your purpose, or discover a hidden talent/gift. Stay tuned, stay open. You never know what you may discover within your own consciousness if you are curious and flexible, willing to explore.

Also on Nov 30, Venus sextiles Neptune, creating a diffuse energy that is beautiful for romance, art (making or viewing), spiritual practices, nature, babies, children, animals, intuitive pursuits, healing arts, leisure, movies (film is Neptunian). Neptune is the higher octave of Venus (Divine Love vs. earthly love), so this is a beautiful time for expressions of love – and commitment (with the Saturn aspects to Mercury and the Sun), like an engagement. 

Finally on Nov 30, the Sun sextiles Saturn, that indicates serious connections, commitments, tasks and efforts that result in solid, stable structures and things that last. Goodbye November, what a month!

Dec 1 has Neptune turning Direct. Neptune can be a transcendent energy (beyond the mundane) when experienced spiritually, experientially, via art, music or love, compassion or via selfless service. At its best, Neptune calls you to seek true meaning in your life, beyond the material world. 

But it can also be an escapist energy that can propel you to drink, drug, shop, etc, to check out of the heaviness of the 3D world that can feel unbearable at times. Please be mindful and choose your Neptunian activities consciously, so you operate in the higher realms. Don’t hurt yourself. Lower expressions of Neptune can cause confusion, miscommunications, low energy, anxiety, depression and addiction. Be gentle with yourself and others.

This is all leading up to the New Moon Solar Eclipse on Dec 3 @ 11:43pm EST / Dec 4 @ 2:43am PST at 12º Sagittarius, a major new beginning.

Use the beautiful energy of this week to tune into your Self and your dreams so you can make the most of where you’re going in the coming year. Just tune in – and keep tuning in. You may have a clear vision and you may not. Don’t worry. Wherever you are is fine. 

Be in your process and keep the faith; keep seeking (Sagittarius) and tuning in (Neptune). You don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes…

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo

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