Natal Astrology Reading with Year Ahead


Your Natal Birth Chart is your Soul Map that illustrates who you came here to be in this lifetime.

It is the perfect place to begin when you’re ready for an Astrology Reading.


It contains the structure and tells the story of your personal setup – and exploring it will validate your experience. It is a deep dive – and I will walk you through it. You will discover that there are no accidents and that your life experiences are not random.  

Everything you experience in this lifetime is through the filter of your Natal chart – and understanding your Self-expression, emotional needs, intellect, beliefs about love and your lovability, values, creativity, career aptitude, faith and spirituality actually determines how you see your Self, your life and indicates what you likely will – or won’t pursue or achieve.

Not to mention the issues and challenges you face, that can inhibit or block your desires until you awaken to the truth of who you are! Only then is it possible to choose a path that is more Authentic and fulfilling. That is my dream for you!

During your Natal consult I will explain your birth chart step by step, with the current themes, opportunities and issues that you are experiencing now, as well as what you will encounter in the coming year.

We will explore your essence, creativity, the way you appear in the world (your social mask), your gifts, strengths, talents, relationships, health and life purpose, your role in the family, as well as issues (how you got them and how to move through them) that are inhibiting the fullest expression of your gifts, strengths and talents.

When I look at your chart I see your childhood setup and your highest potential – and during your 2-hour session I will find out where you are right now. From this place I can guide you toward your Destiny by revealing hidden patterns that are holding you hostage, so that you know what needs attention.

I work on your birth chart in advance, but when we’re in the reading together my intuitive gifts kick in and I receive valuable guidance to pass on to you. It comes through organically when we are connected.

You will receive a clear message, with direction regarding your next steps and a big picture vision of your mission in this lifetime.

Your Natal Reading includes:

  • A very thorough, two-hour Intuitive Astrology reading and session with me;
  • A digital audio recording of the session (provided immediately following the consultation);
  • Written info with dates and bullet points covering what’s happening now and what’s coming for your reference;
  • A copy of your Astrology chart;
  • Any other resources I suggest during the session

Sessions take place via phone or Zoom. Upon receipt of your payment, I will contact you to schedule your reading.

I so look forward to supporting you and I promise to take good care of you!

2-Hour Natal Astrology Reading with Year Ahead – $497


2 Monthly Payments – $260

I will contact you after your purchase to schedule 

Rescheduling may take place up to 24 hours in advance without a $200 rescheduling fee. No shows forfeit their session.

Barbara Edie

I have had other astrology readings, but none as profound as the one I had with Lisa.  Her astrological expertise, combined with her deep intuition and wisdom, illuminated my life – and my life’s purpose – in a whole new way.  I have a much deeper sense of who I came here to be, what my challenges and my gifts are, and how they can help me create my own life story.  Lisa’s “cosmic” insights, true caring and deep coaching helped me connect to my authentic self and higher purpose on this planet.

Creating the Impossible: What It Takes to Bring Your Vision to Life

Cookie Rosenblum, M.A.

On my birthday, I gave myself a gift unlike any other – an astrological reading by Lisa. What I was looking for was more knowledge about myself, more understanding of my life and my current circumstances, and maybe a peek into what I could expect down the road. All of my expectations were met, and more. I was tickled to sit back and relax, while Lisa gave me an in-depth, concise ‘summary’ of who I was, and why I did the things I did. Suddenly, many of my choices became clear. Past events made more sense – and my feelings about the future went from anxious to confident. Lisa was warm and gentle and very loving in the way she gave me this personal information about myself. She was brilliant to record the session so that I could go back and listen to it. This turned out to be a real gift, especially when I’m going through a difficult time and need to remember who I am and what’s most important to me. What a fabulous gift this was for me, one I plan to give myself on a much more regular basis!  

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