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Natal Astrology Reading

TransitsTransitsDuring your natal consultation I will explain your birth chart (the setup for your life), plus current themes, opportunities and issues that you are experiencing now, as well as what you will encounter in the coming year.

We will explore your essence, creativity and self-expression, your emotional self, the way you appear in the world (your social mask), your gifts, strengths, talents, career, relationships, health and life purpose, your role in the family, as well as any issues (how you got them and how to move through them) that are inhibiting the fullest expression of your gifts, strengths and talents.

When I look at your chart I see your childhood setup and your highest potential – and during your 2-hour session I will find out where you are right now. From this place I can guide you toward your destiny by revealing hidden patterns that are holding you hostage, so that you know what needs to be handled. You will receive a clear message and direction about your next steps and a big picture vision of your mission in this lifetime.

A digital recording of the session will be provided immediately following the consultation along with a copy of your Astrology chart.

Sessions take place via phone or Zoom and upon receipt of your payment, I will contact you to schedule your reading.

I’m so looking forward to supporting you!

Rescheduling may take place up to 48 hours in advance. No shows forfeit their session.

1-Hour Astrology Reading – $297

2-Hour Natal Astrology Reading – $497