Mystical New Moon in Pisces – March 2021

The New Moon in mystical Pisces is in the early morning hours of March 13 @ 2:21am PST, so today we are in the Dark of the Moon. The Dark Moon indicates quiet, completion, emptiness, stillness, and The Void, accessed by going within to channel imagination and Spirit for messages and guidance.

This is also a time for eliminating anything no longer needed, such as old habits and ways of operating that are outdated. Release old beliefs, priorities and expressions of Self that are not relevant or real for you… with love. They have served you in the past, but aren’t useful now. Allow them to dissolve so the metaphorical ashes can float away.

The New Moon is a time of new beginnings, to plant seeds that will develop and manifest as you go forward. Create your intentions and feel the sacredness of your heart’s desires as you write/speak them into existence and consciously feel yourself letting go of that which you choose to put to rest. Allow space for relaxation, daydreaming, leisure, art, nature, charity and connection. Space is where your consciousness percolates, and it is necessary for you to be in flow.

The New Moon in Pisces has a Venus-Neptune conjunction next to it, enhancing and expanding the energy of bliss, imagination and All That Is (Venus is earthly love, Neptune its higher octave = Divine Love). Treasure your relationships and the beauty of your connections; they are not random, they are expressions of You. Feel how they feed your spirit and nourish your soul.

As you vision and set intentions with heartfelt reverence, embrace the energy of compassion, empathy and infinite possibilities. It is endless space with no boundaries – and if you dream it, it is meant for you or it wouldn’t be in your consciousness. Don’t judge ideas or visions that arise as doable or not, just hold them with awe and wonder…

Create space for yourself the next few days and set your intentions on the New Moon in Pisces. Planting seeds in consciousness will align with your Inner Self to inform the next leg of your journey. When you make intentions, you are bringing your dreams to your conscious mind. Realize that you may not know exactly where you are going – and this is part of the journey as well.

This is when you’re In The Hallway, as an old area of life is dying and the new expression has yet to be born. The in-between space. Don’t fret or push to make things happen or try to figure it out. It won’t work. Your active participation is required and it’s about feeling what’s right for you and following your Inner Guidance. Gently.

Fear creates contraction and stress – and the dreamy, mystical New Moon in Pisces invites you to rest, rejuvenate and relax deeply. If you’re feeling creative and motivated, fabulous – do your thing, but if not, don’t worry. Clarity and high energy are not featured in this New Moon.

Furthermore, what if you knew that everything was going to work out just right for you in the end – would that help you relax? Adopt that belief and practice by reminding yourself, All is in Divine Order (that means the schedule comes from somewhere higher than your egoic mind!).

Mercury goes from radical Aquarius into emotional Pisces on March 15, activating the intuitive and creative imagery of the nonlinear mind. This is fabulous for writing, speaking, storytelling, intuition, photography and poetry – all forms of communication, especially non-verbal. NVC is compassionate communication and American Sign Language (for the deaf) is another form of communication that’s very expressive, demonstrative and emotional. I love that. Pisces energy speaks to the heart.

The Sun sextiles Pluto on March 16, which highlights transformation and power. This is a great day to make a call or pitch an idea, make a connection, release or create something. This can also be good for personal work to get a deeper insight into your consciousness or to shift a behavior or attitude.

Venus sextiles Pluto on March 18 and the energy is ripe for a magnetic attraction or connection, to do a style makeover (hair, makeup, wardrobe), or to create a dating profile – or maybe even go outside in person to be seen. Enjoy!

This is another week of being in flow, where it’s not about launching the new, but aligning with the rhythm of nature, as we close out the astrological year. The Spring Equinox is just over a week away on March 20, which will be about launching a new cycle, but for now, enjoy cocooning and recouping your energy. Above all, trust your Inner Guidance, which will never lead you astray.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” ~ Lao Tzu

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo

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