Mutable Grand Cross, Venus in Gemini – June 2019

We open the week with Mercury-Uranus in harmony, initiating innovative solutions and fresh ways of seeing your current circumstances and/or coming events. This is energizing and enlivening, as  you can inspire your Self with your brilliance and new ideas! What are you facing that needs a new Good practice for the future…

Simultaneously, we have a Mercury-Chiron square that can instigate painful words or a focus on unresolved issues. If you step out of your usual “box” with Mercury-Uranus ideas/behavior, it can invite commentary or pushback from others.

Discernment is required to determine if you are out of integrity. These areas can be fuzzy when you’re growing/changing or operating in new ways. Others, who want you to stay the same, may react to your new identity/behavior, labeling you as selfish or uncaring.

Get support if you find yourself in an uncomfortable position to be clear about your alignment and actions. Do your best to handle discordant communications and ideas, but know that this Mercury-Chiron aspect will only last a day.

On Sat, June 8, Venus moves from material world Taurus into social Gemini, shifting the focus of desires to info, communication and community. Venus in Gemini is mutable and changeable, so enjoy the exploration and movement, rather than seeking security and stability.

Sun, June 9th brings us into a challenging Sun-Jupiter T-square with Neptune, which can manifest in various ways. A Neptune square often creates deception, delusion, confusion – and this configuration is ripe for self-righteous spin while hiding things. Or wearing blinders while following a leader, teacher, guru, spiritual authority or group that rules your beliefs, culture, morals. Hidden truths will be revealed in the coming weeks, so hold what you read/hear loosely and stay open-minded.

Using this T-square for creative expression or enjoyment is a good way to utilize the energy. There’s a reality check needed before concrete actions are taken, so have fun, play, see a movie or pursue artistic pursuits.

By Sunday night, the Virgo Moon joins the T-square, creating a Grand Cross, and we’re pulled in four directions at once – creating confusing emotional energy, so lay low and delay communications and decisions until this passes. What seems so real can be a Neptune illusion, like being in fantasyland, only you don’t know it.

On Mon, June 10 the Sun is opposing Jupiter, which can create a sense of optimism and expansion AND overpromising or overdoing it. Again, discernment or a reality check is required, which often involves sitting with an idea or decision (the 24-hour rule :)). With the Moon Void of Course all day, it’s not the time to make important dates or schedule activities if you want them to happen as planned.

Wed, June 12, Mars is conjunct (on) the North Node of Destiny in Cancer, lending energy to fulfilling your needs and allowing for nurturing that feeds your Highest Good. Yay! Pay attention to that, and to your Self.

Also, Mars (action) is approaching an opposition to Saturn (exact Fri, June 14). If you encounter obstacles, have to work extra hard and feel like you don’t have enough time/energy, you’re in the Mars-Saturn opposition.

Mars-Saturn requires methodical actions, reconsidering your plans to see if there’s another approach or if you want to go forward with this at all. And we have Neptune-Jupiter energy that gets stronger towards the end of the week, arousing idealism and setting you up to be overly optimistic (not to be Debbie Downer, but reality check decisions, please!).

We’re going to be in some funky astrological energies over the coming weeks, which are unwinding old structures and shifting the landscape. Your job is to tune in and decide what you need to do for your Highest Good, moment by moment. Allow yourself space to process.

You may change your mind in this mutable energy, so be mindful when making major decisions. Focus on your intentions and be flexible if you encounter changes so you can make adjustments as needed.

You chose to be one of the Lightworkers who would be here during this profound time of global transformation, so know that All Is Well on a higher level and keep doing your work. We need you!

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