Multi-tasking in Virgo – Sept 6, 2019

We’re navigating a path of duality with higher and practical realities, so you may find yourself bouncing from expansion into 3D, by being in an inspired stretch and then analyzing what feels doable to your mind.

Multi-tasking is the name of the game. Info is coming so rapidly, it can feel like being on an accelerating treadmill at times!

There’s an abundance of activity this week with Venus, Mercury and the Sun zooming along, and Mars right behind, all in busy Virgo. These personal planets affect your sense of Self, thoughts, desires, and actions.

As the personal planets move forward this week, they encounter a square to Jupiter (more!), inviting you to stretch beyond familiar boundaries. This can show up as a big idea, opportunity, possibility or move. Jupiter in Sagittarius is a “leap before you look” energy – urging you to go for it!

At the same time the personal planets trine Saturn, asking you to ground the energy with methodical actions to make the big idea/dream/opportunity real. Concrete. Karma. You get back what you put out. Not just in your mind… This is helpful for balancing a potential Jupiter overreach and grounding your actions in reality.

Next the Virgo planets oppose dreamy Neptune, once again lifting you beyond the limits of your rational mind. A higher vibration transcends your usual boundaries, which can either provide access to your Higher Self or delude you into fantasyland (higher or lower expressions of the energy).

Use Neptunian energy to tap into your creativity and intuition for guidance. Only you can discern what is true for you, but don’t make any major commitments without a reality check. The 24-hour rule is a good one to see if you still feel the same way about a decision, when you’re not 100% certain.

Then the planets move into a trine with Pluto, planet of power, what’s hidden and transformation (death and rebirth). A trine is a flowing energy, so something may be revealed to empower you if you are open to receiving the message. Deep messages, desires and agendas are on the menu for this one.

So you, via the movement of the personal planets, are going through a process of being expanded, grounded, transcending, and transformed, all while going about your daily life and making decisions. This is an amazing space if you use it well.

Fri 9/6: Jupiter is expanding your mind and ideas, while Saturn is grounding you and Pluto trine Venus is deepening your desires. If you put in the effort, you have the focus to go after what you want.

Sat 9/7: Mercury opposite Neptune. Perfect for creative, intuitive, writing and connection. Not great for details or linear info. Channeling info is favored.

Sun 9/8: Mercury trine Pluto – deep insights that reveal new perspectives, laser-like focus, thoughts and vision. Good for creating, communicating and research. Transforming.

Mon 9/9: Mars trine Saturn. You can make it happen, with methodical, steady actions and attention to details. Focus on achieving a goal.

Tue 9/10: Sun opposite Neptune. Can either dissolve rigid boundaries or you drift into dreamland. Or you’re confused. Great for artists, spiritual pursuits and practices.

Thu 9/12: Mars square Jupiter. You will be hot to trot, but be mindful not to go overboard. Practice restraint and patience while you direct your actions to create your desired outcome.

All this week is leading up to the Full Moon in Pisces next Friday, Sept 13. Rather than be overwhelmed by all the activity, make use of this path of evolution and possibilities to create and make things happen.

Know that all this activity is actually a process of development and evolution and you have the capacity to utilize it for your Highest Good.

Be deliberate in deciding your next steps and stay high!

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