Full Moon in Scorpio – May ’14

Full Moon in Scorpio

Technically, this will be our last full week of Mars Retrograde. Mars (action/will) is barely moving for the rest of May, even though it turns Direct on May 20th. It’s slowing down now to turn around and then will inch forward. The action will pick up in June – and I know lots of you are waiting for this!

In the meantime, you may have plenty of opportunities to practice patience, commitment, aligning your plans with your vision and preparing to move forward with new ventures after Mars turns Direct later in May.

The Sun opposes Saturn on Saturday, which can highlight limitations and/or obstacles. Rather than be discouraged, consider: what is the reality you’re dealing with right now? That’s what’s on the table for you. Call it a reality check.

Are there any decisions you need to make? Saturn lets you know when there’s something you need to handle because you feel the pressure, so for best results – take responsibility wherever possible and be practical. If you don’t know what to do, please seek help. Don’t just suffer…

On Sunday (Mother’s Day), Neptune (illusion) is squaring Mercury, planet of communication. Want to be happy? Give everyone the benefit of the doubt if they say anything that arouses suspicion, annoyance or offense. Assume they didn’t mean anything by it – or if you feel manipulated, gently ask for clarification. No accusations please. Make nice, take the high road :)

On Monday we approach the Full Moon in Scorpio, when things come to light. This Full Moon is about security, $$ and what’s familiar (Taurus Sun) – and transformation, letting go, and issues around power (Scorpio Moon). This Full Moon axis contains two powerful energies who each want things their way! Attachment & security vs. death & rebirth. Always a doozy!

This Full Moon contains a Venus (love/$$)-Pluto (power) square, too. Venus/Pluto in hard aspect is obsession, passion and desires gone wild, so please be mindful and responsible.

On a Full Moon the energy is already heightened, so channel your energy into something constructive if you’re desire nature is in overdrive. It’s a powerful time for healing and self-care, so you might feel into what your heart really desires during this time and get yourself some TLC.

I wish you love and good care during this week filled with fluctuating energies. Connecting with nature is always a good antidote for mental/emotional turbulence, even just getting some flowers for your home. Be creative and proactive on your own behalf.

A special Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there, biological as well as volunteers. I honor you and hope you are celebrated well now – and always. 

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