New Moon in Virgo – Sept 8, ’10

As you head back to work after the official close of summer, how are you feeling and  how have you shifted over the last four months? We’ve been through a series of challenging cosmic events and energetic shifts that may have tested your faith in yourself and left you feeling lost or confused. Or maybe you’re in a new land, just learning to speak the language! In any event, you are processing and integrating all the changes you’ve experienced and consequently, creating your life anew.

Things have changed – and they’re still changing, as our familiar reference points continue to shift. It’s like being in a snow globe that has been shaken up and the flakes are floating around, but haven’t settled yet. Your life may look the same externally, but you feel different inside. There are many possible manifestations of this energetic and your job is to tune into your experience and get support for whatever you need to reorient yourself.

Sept 8th contains several astrological events – a New Moon in Virgo and two planets change signs. Because we’re still in Mercury Retrograde (going back over that which is already in process and revising whatever needs adjustment), this is not the time to launch new projects, even though we have a New Moon on Sept 8th. (Get your free Mercury Retrograde report here).

Virgo is the sign of order and discernment (what’s useful and what’s not), and Mercury is retrograde in Virgo, so please use this time to get your life in order so that when Mercury goes Direct, you’ll be ready to go! Mercury goes Direct on Sept 13th, but it takes a few days to get rolling, so wait until the 16th if you can to take actions  toward new projects or to make major purchases.

Venus moves into Scorpio on Sept 8th, so watch your desires – Venus not only rules love and $$, but what makes life worth living and Scorpio isn’t the sign that takes “no” for an answer! Be mindful of  your spending or becoming obsessive about something you want. You can focus this energy for manifesting – as long as you are ethical and you stay in the light. A lower expression of Scorpio is being ruthless – willing to go to any lengths to get what you want. I’m just letting you know all the possibilities, so please be conscious.

Another change occurs on Sept 8th, when Jupiter retrogrades back into Pisces until mid-Jan ’11. This brings Uranus and Jupiter back together in Pisces, the softer, gentler, compassionate, creative energy of Divine Love and flow. Uranus and Jupiter in Aries were part of the summer’s Cardinal T-Square and the energy was often confrontational and aggressive. Now that they’re moving back into Pisces you have the opportunity to “undo/redo” areas of life that these planets touch in your life. Revision will be easier, as if you have a magical pathway to help you navigate with greater ease and grace. Miracles can happen with this duo so get clear about your intentions and focus your energy on what you want to create.

Virgo is the energy of the humble servant, sincerely here to be of service to others and the world. Unless you’re in the energy of sacrifice and suffering (the martyr), this is a beautiful thing. Somewhere, someone can use your help so keep an eye out for where you can be of service from your highest Self. Oh, and practice receiving, so that you stay in balance… giving from an empty well is sacrifice and the receiver can’t really feel comfortable if they feel your emptiness.

Please take impeccable care of yourself – you are important!

“It is better to give and receive.” ~ Rev. Carolyn Simpson

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