New Moon in Virgo – Sept 18, ’09

By now you are likely acclimating to the shifts that we’ve all been faced with as times change. How this manifests in your life has a lot do with how willing you are to let go of what’s complete, over, or redundant in your life in order to step into new territory.

If you are trying to hang on to old, outdated ways/things you will feel the weight of what’s no longer working, and I urge you to focus on what you want to create and then be willing to take actions to make those changes.

This New Moon includes the Saturn (traditional/ structure) Uranus (unpredictable/no rules) opposition, which indicates either an adversarial standoff, unexpected curveballs, or the higher expression – moving forward in innovative ways with clear intention. Hold the vision of the life you desire and then invest your energy in yourself! What actions will support you in manifesting your vision and becoming who you came here to be?

Be conscious and be bold! Playing small won’t serve you and doesn’t work in the new, higher energy we’re operating in these days. The energetics don’t support diminishing yourself to stay safe and secure. The old idea of “security” doesn’t feel as safe anymore (a 401K, real estate, a long-term job, etc.). Real security is the ability to create what you want deliberately.

Because Mercury is still retrograde, the best use of this New Moon is to create a plan, set goals and clear intentions around what you want to create, why, and then feel it! Get organized so that when Mercury goes direct in October, you’ll be ready to go! Oh, and clear any clutter that is littering your physical and energetic path. Virgo is the perfect sign for that!

“Until you make something intentional, it will never, ever accidentally happen by accident. You don’t have accidental success.” ~ Lisa Nichols


  11:44 am PDT ~ 2:44 pm EDT   


The New Moon in Virgo was on Sept 18th. The New Moon is the time for new beginnings, so take action toward something you want to create, develop or increase in your life. Virgo rules health, wellness, being of service, productivity, getting things in order (details!) and discernment – deciding what is useful and what is not.

Virgo is an analytical sign and a sign of “doing.”  What do you need to get busy doing?  This is the time to begin, to get organized, make a list and do something to put it into action.  Do you need to clear anything from your life – clutter, behaviors and habits that aren’t working for you or people who don’t support you? 

Are you treating your physical, emotional and spiritual self well? What actions can you take to nurture your health and wellness? What have you been putting off that it’s time to begin? And for those of you who are always busy, perhaps this is the time to nurture your health and well being by slowing down and taking a break or by building in some comfort.

Virgo is known as a sign of giving, but receiving may not come so easily. Are you a good receiver? Can you take a compliment without inner discomfort? Do you allow others to do for you sometimes without feeling guilty or uncomfortable? Can you fully enjoy receiving a gift?

Check in with yourself and if you have a receiving wound, you may want to keep a receiving journal. Whenever someone gives you anything – from a gift, to a compliment, to a helping hand – write down the date, who it was that gifted you, and what you received. It’s a wonderful way to anchor in the energy that’s so easy to deflect if you have an issue around receiving. And it’s a wonderful way to appreciate the many, many blessings in your life.

I urge you to practice being of service to others and to practice being of service to your Self so that you can contribute to the world that which you came here to offer! 

“Every farmer knows that you can’t sow and reap on the same day. There is a timetable for your harvest that requires both working and waiting. Patience is a small price to pay for what you will receive.” ~ Neil Eskelin 

“We practice ‘self-avoidance’ habitually, using busyness as a defense against who we are.” ~Robert Holden

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.” ~ Sir Winston Churchill 



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