New Moon in Sagittarius – Dec 5 ’10

New Moon is at 9:36am PT ~ 12:36pm ET

The New Moon is the time for new beginnings so take an action directed toward what you want to increase, create or develop in your life.

Sagittarius is the “truthteller” or teacher/preacher who rules higher truth, the meaning of life, spirituality, law, religion, belief systems, philosophy, higher education, ideals, ethics, publishing, broadcasting, long journeys, foreign travel, other cultures, social causes, politics, adventure and expansion.

Sagittarius is happy fighting for a cause, i.e., the Spiritual Warrior who is involved in raising consciousness and doing good for the world.

Sagittarius is the big picture  – enthusiastic, optimistic, and inspired, which can provide you with the confidence to move forward in areas of life where you may have been reluctant to go before.

On the other hand, Sagittarius can be impulsive and is often a “leap before you look” sign – so please check that whatever you are leaping into is solid.

Sagittarius rules beliefs. Do your beliefs support you or are they inhibiting your growth and holding you hostage?

Examine what you THINK is possible for you, because whatever you believe is what you will be able to achieve. If you are limited by your beliefs, now is the time to seek help to clear limiting beliefs – and I assure you it can easily be done!

* Focus on a vision for your life. Which area of your life would you like to see expand?

* Where do you feel limited or restricted? Here’s the bigger question: Who is restricting you?

* Feeling inspired creates a meaningful life. What inspires you?

* What truth do you need to look at or speak up about?

* Sagittarius rules ethics – is your life in alignment with what you say you care about? What do you stand for?

* What move have you been contemplating but have been too afraid to make that speaks to a deep calling from within?

“What if you said ‘Yes!’ to all the changes?” ~ Sark

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