New Moon in Leo – Aug 9, ’10

The cosmic transmutation is fully alive on this New Moon in Leo while the Cardinal T-Square continues to exert its force upon us, now with Venus and Mars in the mix to bring in masculine/feminine energies for revision.

This is a high-level assignment and each one of us is somewhere on this hero’s journey of self-discovery at a whole new level. Where are you?

If you feel disconnected or unsure of your direction, you have likely stepped into a new level of beingness and are not yet familiar with the culture or language of this new place. Go gently and nurture yourself well as you acclimate to this new world – and please be patient. Give yourself space. As Woody Allen said, “Time is nature’s way of keeping everything from happening all at once.”

The New Moon is the the time for new beginnings and since it occurs tonight in the U.S., we’ll be in the energy all day on Tuesday, August 10th. Take this opportunity to begin, launch or do something new, as the Universe will nurture the seeds you plant at this time.

Leo is the ultimate sign of creation and creative expression – and you want to act now because Mercury will be going Retrograde at the end of next week and you don’t want to begin anything new then if you haven’t already taken some action. (Get your free Mercury Retrograde report).

On this New Moon, Venus (relationships, money, values) is opposing Jupiter (expansion) and they are both squared by Pluto (transformation). This brings up issues of self-esteem, what you value and how you value yourself. With Venus opposite Jupiter, how much do you need to feel good? Venus is your desire nature, what makes life worth living and Jupiter is ‘more,” which can either manifest as generosity or the black hole of endless wanting. Your choice…

Pluto rules the unconscious (what’s hidden), so watch for shadowy issues that appear in you and others. With Pluto squaring Venus you may experience issues around power and love, power and money and major control/trust issues in relationships. These are deep issues that need healing in order for you to operate from your Higher Self. It’s about feeling safe in the world, trusting yourself, and transmitting that energy outward so that you can then magnetize that energy back to you.

The Venus/Mars connection gives you the opportunity to consciously rebalance your masculine and feminine energy. Sacred masculine energy functions with focus, integrity and drive, is confident, effective and inspired rather than dominant. Divine feminine energy is grounded safely in her power with clear intention and focus, heart chakra open as she magnetizes resources and knows how to receive, undefended.

Which part of you needs support or is overly active? Take this opportunity to become conscious of your masculine/feminine energetic balance and make any needed corrections, with support wherever necessary. With the relentless pressure being exerted upon us by the most powerful and dynamic planets, you have the opportunity to channel this energy into creating breakthroughs wherever you are stuck. Being proactive is the best way to empower yourself in this climate of radical change.

You are being called to step beyond the familiar into a new paradigm creatively designed by YOU! This is why it’s imperative that you decide how you want to live and determine what you came here to contribute to humanity. The New Moon is the perfect time to take actions toward your Divine purpose and who you came here to be!

We are re-creating the world and we need you to hold the highest, most authentic vision of yourself. The beliefs you hold and the choices you make determine the experience you will have. When you make a decision, check in to see what your motivation is – expansion, alignment, higher truth – or fear, protection, security?

With Saturn and Jupiter in opposition, economic issues will likely be front and center, but you don’t have to buy into the “bad economy” paradigm and allow that to create your reality. By the way, there are plenty of people making lots of money right now in this “bad” economy, so don’t be fooled by the limiting beliefs proposed by conventional wisdom. Think outside the box and take your power back!

Creativity grounded in sound structure trumps conventional wisdom (which is always fear-based).

Friday, Aug 13th – March ’11 – Uranus retrogrades from Aries (the warrior) back into Pisces (Divine Love /imagination) for one last go-round. This is a fabulous opportunity to manifest brilliant ideas and to download intuitive visions by going within or via your dreams.

Venus will be going Retrograde in Oct for six weeks, so you’ll have plenty of time to review your issues around relationships, money, values and how you value yourself!

Here I am with Carole Hyder, a gifted Feng Shui expert, in Tucson at our Platinum Intensive. We are cooking up something fabulous for you, combing our talents and knowledge, that addresses the current  energetic climate with innovative solutions.  An announcement will be forthcoming very soon!

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