New Moon in Gemini – June 12, ’10 7:15am ET

We have a New Moon in Gemini on Saturday, June 12th, at 4:15 am PT ~ 7:15 am ET. The New Moon is the time for new beginnings so take actions to increase, create or magnetize that which you want in your life.

Gemini rules information, your thought processes, all forms of communication, networking, education, classes, workshops, community, the media, contracts, email, your iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and ground transportation.

Is there a conversation you need to have, some communication you’ve been putting off, a bike ride you’ve been fantasizing about, a bestselling book you’ve been waiting to curl up with, or a class you’ve wanted to register for?  Are you ready to create or update your website or is there information you need to obtain in order to make a decision?  Are you ready to sign a contract or enter into an agreement? Think about it (a Gemini activity!) and take an action that will move forward.

Do you need to do some networking for your business, join a meet-up group to help expand your horizons (business or social), or are you ready for Internet dating? Are there songs on iTunes you want to download, is it time to take that creative writing class, or are you ready to join Toastmasters to practice speaking in public? Or is it time for you to put yourself out there professionally to begin your speaking career?! All these are Gemini activities – networking, multi-tasking, blogging, or participating in social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter – whatever speaks to you).

This is the Internet era and you tech-phobic people need to get with the program! Take baby steps and let people help you learn how to maneuver so that you are able to participate in the action – this is how business is done and how we communicate now, so it’s time to get in the game.

New Moon Intentions

New Moon Intentions are a concrete way of calling what you want into your life. Some of your desires will take time to manifest, others will come quickly. Your intentions are written statements of what you want to manifest for the coming Moon cycle.

You have the power to manifest your desires and you get what you focus on, so choose your thoughts wisely!

Creating Intentions

  • Create your list within eight hours of the New Moon if possible
  • Review your list and check off anything received
  • Delete/replace items that are no longer relevant and file the old list
  • Create your new list and place it on your altar or in a private place
  • Review your list each morning/evening to keep your intentions conscious

How To Create New Moon Intentions

  • List two to ten intentions, so you don’t dilute the energy
  • Start each intention with the words “I create”
    • Only write what you intend to create (you can’t create for someone else)

New Moon Abundance Check

  • On the day of the New Moon write a check to yourself
  • Write your name in the section labeled “Pay to the order of”
  • Write “Paid in Full” in both the amount sections
  • Sign the check with the words “Spiritual Law”

Place the check on your altar or put it in a special place and prepare to receive!

“Intentions:  I am responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I experience. I set the goals that I achieve. And everything that seems to happen to me I ask for and receive as I have asked.” ~ Malikka Chopra

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