New Moon in Gemini ~ May 24th, ’09

5:11 am PDT ~ 8:11 am EDT

We have a New Moon in the friendly, curious sign of Gemini on Sunday, May 24th.   The New Moon is the time for new beginnings so take an action directed toward what you want to increase, create or cultivate in your life.

Gemini rules information, all forms of communication, networking, education, classes, workshops, community, the media, contracts, email, your iPhone, Blackberry and ground transportation.

Is there a conversation you need to have, some communication you’ve been putting off, a bike ride you’ve been fantasizing about, a bestselling book you’ve been waiting to curl up with, or a class you’ve wanted to register for? Are you ready to create or update your website or is there information you need to obtain in order to make a decision? Are you ready to sign a contract or enter into an agreement? Think about it (a Gemini activity!) and take an action that will prepare you to move forward.

Do you need to do some networking for your business, join a meet-up group to help expand your horizons (business or social), or are you ready for Internet dating? Are there songs on iTunes you want to download, is it time to take that creative writing class, or are you ready to join Toastmasters to practice speaking in public? All these are Gemini activities – networking, multi-tasking, blogging, or participating in social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Plaxo – whatever speaks to you).

This is the Internet era and you tech-phobic people need to get with the program! Take baby steps and let people help you learn how to maneuver so that you are able to participate in the action – this is how business is done and how we communicate now, so it’s time to get in the game.

Because Mercury is still retrograde, this is not the time to launch a new project or make a major purchase, but it is a perfect time to plan, organize, gather information and put all the pieces in place so that when Mercury goes direct in a week, you will be ready to go. Don’t forget to do your New Moon Intentions!

“A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer; it sings because it has a song.” ~ Maya Angelou

“Befriend people who bring out the playful side of you. They are a gift beyond measure.” ~ Michael Joseph

“Genuine shifts happen when we change our minds about ourselves.” ~ Robert Holden

“We decide what we want to see before we see it. We receive what we request. Projection makes perception. We can find – and in fact, will find – whatever it is we’re looking for in life. We see a brother’s innocence when it’s all we want to see.” ~ Marianne Williamson

“Every farmer knows that you can’t sow and reap on the same day. There is a timetable for your harvest that requires both working and waiting. Patience is a small price to pay for what you will receive. ” ~ Neil Eskelin

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