New Moon in Aquarius – February 13, ’10

Our “Pre-Valentine Day” New Moon is in Aquarius on Saturday Feb 13th, and it brings in the most beautiful heartfelt energy!  The New Moon is an opportunity to begin again, so dare to be authentic and show your brilliance, while contributing to the greater good. 

Take a leap and upgrade your expectations for yourself and your life!

What is your genius and what did you come here to offer? As they say at CEO Space, “If it’s not your genius, it’s not your job!”  

Aquarius represents community, so find the community that speaks to you, where your authentic self fits in effortlessly and where you feel you belong. I can’t say enough about finding your tribe.  

Neptune/Chiron brings compassion and healing to this New Moon, which speaks to the collective healing that our world so desperately needs. Do you realize that the 2010 Super Bowl won by the New Orleans Saints was the most-watched TV program EVER?! I firmly believe their unexpected (another Aquarian theme) victory was a healing not only for the city of New Orleans, but for the entire country.  

The energy of possibility is illustrated here. Didn’t it feel wonderful and grace-filled to see the underdog team that had never won before triumph in victory? It brought everyone together and was so much more than a football game – New Orleans has been officially acknowledged after feeling forgotten.  A fabulous, heartfelt healing…  

For the next week Venus and Jupiter are conjunct in Pisces, which is the energy of grace, Divine love, higher truth, compassion and empathy.  There is no greater expression of unconditional love than this – and on the eve of Valentine’s Day! This can be very romantic and reverent as well – the energy of love as a spiritual path to the Divine.  

I urge you to choose thoughtfully who you want to spend this New Moon/Valentine’s Day with. The company you keep will set the tone for the coming month and your choices are an illustration of self-love. In daily life, practice love and compassion in your interactions with family, friends, business associates and strangers. Notice how different life can be when you act from love.    

This is also a wonderful opportunity to practice receiving, which is the energy of allowing love (undefended) to flow into your heart. For all you serial givers – receiving is a spiritual practice for you!  

There are two potentially volatile aspects happening during this New Moon. Mars is opposing Mercury which means words can be weapons, so watch what you say. When in doubt, leave it out!  Check your motives before you speak or write anything (the email or Facebook/Twitter post!) that you may be sorry for later. Practice restraint.  

The Pluto/Saturn square is still in effect, which asks you to reality check your life. If you’re still hanging onto something  that needs to go, what will it take for you to wake up?!! Why do you insist on continuing to do it the old way? Please, on the New Moon in Aquarius, be willing to try something NEW!  

Remember that you are always empowered to choose your direction and your response to life events. You have the ability to move through life effectively with ease. And please, treat yourself with lovingkindness and care.

You are precious and brilliant and we need you!  

“Every single one of you was born a genius.  There is something you’re good at, something you’re passionate about. Don’t let life ‘de-genius’ you!”~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

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