Monthly Moon Void of Course Guide

Clock_TimeIn business and in life, correct timing is an essential component of achieving success. Timing is major. Planetary cycles either support your actions or totally work against them.

When the Moon is “Void of Course,” actions have unpredictable results — and astrological guidance says: whatever actions you take, “nothing will come of the matter.”

The basic rule is: when you want something to happen, avoid the Void Of Course Moon period at all costs if you want to be successful!

If you want something NOT to happen, then take action during MVOC. If you want to avoid a conflict and have to deal with a difficult person or situation, do it during the Void Moon. Since the planets are in constant motion, the Moon may be Void Of Course for seconds, minutes, hours or all day.

What is the Moon Void of Course good for? It’s good for creative pursuits, spiritual practices/exploration, being in nature, leisure time, working out, routine tasks and organizing. Use the Void Moon time to slow down and make your activities zen-like.

I am happy to give you this info every month – and you can receive your Perfect Timing Guide for $9.95/month.

When you receive your MVOC chart, block out the dates/times when the Moon is Void so that you know NOT to take important actions during those times. Now that you know about the MVOC, why would you risk the success of your event/action if you want a positive outcome?

You can plan your “down time” and routine tasks when the Moon is VOC or that can be  your time for spiritual connection. This can be a gift if you use it wisely and lovingly!

The MVOC Chart will be delivered on the 15th of each month for the following month from then on for $9.95/month. Know that you can cancel at any time.


To get your Monthly Perfect Timing Guide – $9.95 (this is a monthly subscription)


To get your Annual Perfect Timing Guide – $111

Get an Annual Subscription to my Perfect Timing Report for only $111 – a report EVERY month for the next 12 months so you’ll always be able to plan with Perfect Timing :)


Event Timing: When you need to check a date for a future event –  $97 – $297.

I will personally advise you when to take action for $97 – $297 per event, depending on the complexity of the request.  It’s a small price to pay to create the optimal outcome for something that’s so important to you! Email me at for personal pricing.

May this information support your happiness, well being, expansion and abundance!