Mixmaster: Mercury Retrograde, Full Moon, Uranus Direct ~ Jan 14, 2022

We have a “mixmaster” week with an ongoing Venus Retrograde, the Sun changing signs, and two planets changing direction, amplified by an emotional Full Moon in Cancer in the midst of it all. And here’s the thing – these energies are all layering upon each other. It’s not as if you feel one, then the next in a linear way, so understand the call of each energy and what the opportunity is for each one. Then stay awake and pay attention to what shows up for you!

Mercury Retrograde begins today until Feb 3 and is in Aquarius until Jan 26, sign of objectivity and innovation, giving you the opportunity to review anything that needs correction with a fresh perspective. Think outside the box, while following your inner guidance in order to generate new experiences and results. Think of Mercury Retrograde as a time to re-program your mind and to upgrade your thinking, as well as what’s possible for YOU!

Mercury squares Uranus as it Stations (stands still), which can bring up old topics that are ripe for a fresh approach – and because it’s a square, your mind may be racing. Sit with whatever comes up… you don’t have to act on every idea that pops into your busy mind right now!

Because Mercury is just turning Retrograde, info can be confusing, incomplete or easily jumbled, so don’t make decisions of consequence if you don’t have to this weekend. Easy does it. Reflect, relax, do routine tasks, be in nature – easy does it. Slow down. That’s the object.

On Jan 16 the Sun conjoins Pluto, that can you extra strength to tackle a project, the stamina to handle a task that requires intense focus, the depth to activate a healing process or breakthrough, to research or solve a problem. Or the Sun-Pluto can invite you to reclaim your power wherever you have given it away – via approval-seeking, withholding your truth, hiding your Authentic Self, etc. You can either use this aspect to accomplish something – or to release a limitation that has held you hostage.

All weekend the energy has been building up to the Full Moon in Cancer on Jan 17 @ 3:48pm PST, when things come to Light. Cancer is the sign of home, your personal life, emotional safety, feelings, needs and how you get them met. Self-care is Cancer topic and the pandemic has sensitized us to new levels around it. Full Moons always heighten feelings, but a Full Moon in sensitive Cancer amplifies feelings exponentially, so move gently. Be sure that you’re getting the care you need (it’s your job).

Cancer is highly intuitive, so honor the still, small voice within, as it is the link to your Inner Child and your Higher Self (depending on the situation). Trust it as your guidance system, especially as the mind may be offline/unreliable during Mercury Retrograde. Remember, your Higher Self is never fear-based; it is always loving, supportive, grounded and sees great possibilities for you. All is well in this realm.

Pluto opposes the Full Moon and can bring up control issues, where you feel out of power or oppressed in some way (back to your egoic Self). If so, I invite you to explore what you can do to make needed changes to reclaim your power. There’s a lot of intensity during a highly vulnerable time and I suggest you choose your company and activities with forethought. Decide who or what will bring you comfort at this time and then choose accordingly.

On Jan 18, Uranus turns Direct, likely activating a shocking event in the world – and maybe in your life, depending on your personal chart. Uranus strikes like lightning, whether it be a brilliant idea, sudden event, realization or a change in perspective. Whatever it is, it’s quick, and when it comes from within you, it is energizing and creative. When you’re hit with it, it still happens quickly and then you’re left to adjust and pick up the pieces – or rearrange your life to deal with it.

Uranus creates change for us when we won’t do it for ourselves; it is the Great Awakener. Don’t be surprised if you have a radical shift in viewpoint or if you’re released from some old way of being or doing that’s long been dragging you down. Uranus has been squaring Saturn all of 2021, so this could liberate a stuck area for you, allowing for a connection with people, products, or pathways that you would never have predicted and it will expand your horizons. Whatever happens – it will be a surprise!

Also on Jan 18, the Nodes of Fate move from Gemini/Sagittarius into Taurus/Scorpio for the next 18 months. The North Node will be in Taurus (where we’re going) and the South Node will be in Scorpio (the past). I’ll tell you more as we move forward.

The Sun enters Aquarius on Jan 19 and the energy shifts into the mental, airy sign ruled by Uranus, which is innovative, futuristic, visionary and humanitarian. It rules the Greater Good, or what’s best for all, being objective and detached from messy emotions – it favors science, space flight, electricity and everything that flies through the air. Rational, yet sci-fi is Aquarian.

You know, all the things that are happening now were science fiction books, movies and stories that were once considered far-out. I bow to the visionary genius storytellers who saw the future in detail way back when…

Aquarius rules your Authentic Self, as opposed to conforming, which is traditionally how many were raised. Fit in, no matter what! Aquarius invites you to express your Self. Social media has given people license to behave badly and be mean – that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about Authentic Self expression – the parts of you that are creative, handy, artistic, crafty, verbal, performers, helpers, connectors, healers, guides, leaders, whatever it is you do that is uniquely your “thing.” There’s only one like YOU!

If you think you’re too old, too late, or there’s too many others – or whatever limitation you believe makes your gift past its due date or not enough, I promise you, your thinking is wrong. Your mind needs a refresh, a new appreciation for your Self and what you do. Nobody made you feel special enough – that is the real problem and that can be changed! Take that in, please…

Ok, what a week, huh? There is so much happening – and really, we don’t know exactly how it’s going to play out. We’re not supposed to. We’re supposed to get in the game. Read between the lines and see what you feel applies to YOU. Where are YOU and what is ripe and ready for change?

Be open, be willing, know that there is something waiting for you. If you have an inkling about what that is, great. If not, no worries… just do the next right thing – and, in Mercury and Venus Retrograde, clear clutter, focus on your values and what matters to you, get your life in order and pay attention to who and what shows up over the next few weeks.

I am rooting for you! 💜


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