Merry Christmas! Full Moon in Cancer – December 2020

Merry Christmas! Wishing you a happy holiday season, whatever you celebrate. The cosmic weather is good for Dec 25, with warm, smooth vibes. We’re just coming off a Mercury-Uranus trine on Dec 24 that may have brought a shift in your thinking, a happy surprise or a positive communication. I hope so – it’s a stimulating, potentially liberating energy of leaving something old behind to open to the new. Yes!

On Dec 27, the Sun trines Uranus, which indicates a creative shift within You – the way you show up, how you express yourself and the choices you make. The atmosphere is ripe for an upgrade or some change to better align with your authentic, emerging, new “ready for 2021” Self! Enjoy!

On Dec 29, we have a Full Moon in sensitive Cancer @ 7:28pm PST. Cancer rules family, feelings, your home, food and personal life. This is a sentimental time of reflection and honoring the past, your lineage and loved ones – and it’s a good time to focus on your needs and if they are being met. 

This Full Moon is squared by Chiron (The Wound/Wounded Healer), which brings up anything misaligned or unhealed. Just think about your relationship with food during this covid lockdown year – has it been a source of comfort in a productive way? These times have demanded a lot from everyone and I invite you to honor all the care and workarounds you’ve come up with to sustain yourself.

You will feel it if you’re denying yourself something primal that’s calling for attention, which can activate sadness, loneliness (especially this season), stress or struggle. But Uranus is still connected to the Sun and Moon, that allows for creative insights to solve problems or evolve lower energies.

I invite you to be innovative in taking care of yourself, focus on how you can get your needs met and who can help you. Longing for the old days creates melancholy; it’s more productive to recognize your blessings, honor your circle of love and support, and visualize what will create even greater fulfillment for you going forward. Then think out of the box and take an action toward making it happen – even a baby step.

Cancer is an intuitive sign – practice tuning into the still, small voice or feeling within to ask, “What does my spirit want?” and listen to the indication you get. You may feel extra sensitive or vulnerable approaching the Full Moon, so be very gentle and caring with yourself – and others. Emotional connections are everything to Cancer, which truly is food for the soul – and remember, that everything that comes up is awareness for your healing and integration (wholeness).

Venus squares Neptune on Dec 30, that can create unfulfilled longing, unrequited love, fantasies, inspired creativity or motivation for spiritual practice and exploration. You may feel slow and quiet, as your energy is called within. Once again, I urge you direct the energy to focus on something productive for you, even if it is watching a movie, walking in nature or listening to music. If it’s time to process old feelings to comfort your heart and mind, please do it. Your well being is primary.

We close out 2020 with Venus conjunct the South Node (past) on Dec 31, asking you to reconsider how you value and take care of your Self – your worthiness, boundaries and aspirations. Is your giving and receiving in balance, are you as kind to yourself as you are to others, do you ask for what you need – and, if so, do you ask the right people (i.e., those who can actually help you)? 

This is the check in, perfect to reassess at the end of the year so you can make new decisions wherever needed for entering 2021. The close of 2020 is a time of deliberate awareness and taking an honest inventory of what needs care and attention for You. 

I know it’s been a year like no other and these are not usual times, but it’s all on purpose, designed to dismantle old structures (mental, emotional and physical), so that you will be available for radical revisions, innovations and the revolution that’s coming. 

Whether you realize it or not, you’ve become an expert at change this year. Give yourself credit for all the modifications and adjustments you’ve made and acclimated to, like them or not. You did it. This is Jedi training…

The payoff will be in the days, months and years to come, as you align with and create the emerging New Age, New Earth and our global experience in 2021!

Wishing you a future filled with adventures and blessings that are beyond your wildest dreams!

“Never be afraid if people if people can’t see what you see.” ~ Jaronicus Jangle to granddaughter Journey (from the movie, Jingle Jangle)

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. 

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