Mercury Turns Direct – July 2020


We are in the aftermath of cosmic events that have transformed the landscape, so you probably don’t know what’s happening right now. I think the idea is to release your old conceptual framework and preconceived notions about what you think you know for sure so you can be open to the new.

It may feel destabilizing to be in deconstruction energy and it’s definitely humbling to realize the limits of your control. This energy dissolves old structures (that crumble before our eyes) and old paradigms that are no longer relevant in our transforming world.

The invitation is to explore, discover, create anew and learn how to be and operate in our evolving world. If you are aligned with this mission it will make everything easier during a challenging time. Behind the deconstruction, comes creative reconstruction, so be open to new solutions and inventions that speak to current and future needs in our new world. 

Remember when some people resisted technology, as if using it was a choice (years ago)? Now its mandatory – it’s our way of life. That’s a good example of our evolving culture with new requirements.

All weekend, Mercury is Stationing to turn Direct on July 12. As you can see in the diagram above, Mercury doesn’t move forward much during the turnaround, so give yourself until July 16 to make any decisions about major purchases or finalizing commitments and plans. New info will come to light and life should flow a little more easily going forward (what a relief!). 

Right now, info may not be available or flowing the way you’d like it to yet, so be patient. Release the fear of being late and trust in Divine Timing.

Also on July 12, the Sun trines dreamy Neptune, perfect for spiritual practices, creativity, being in nature or blissful connections (within or with others). Pets, babies, helping those less fortunate and other expressions of unconditional love are Neptunian – warm and fuzzy, transcending the earth plane. This is a good day to relax and take it easy, watch a movie. Your nervous system will thank you :)) 

The Sun opposes Jupiter on July 14, magnifying something in your space. Opportunities may come, but they will likely mean extra work (Jupiter is in hardworking Capricorn). This aspect can activate excess – more seems better in the moment, but you have to be able to fulfill what you agree to, so be mindful. Sun-Jupiter can also be self-righteous, so check your attitude. Stay humble, stay open – and focus on the big picture going forward (a high expression of Jupiter).

The Sun opposes Pluto on July 15, which can activate power struggles, manipulation or betrayal (worst case scenario). Notice issues around power in your life to see who/what you’re giving your power away to. If all is well, you can create what you desire and can access your gifts, strengths and talents at will. If not, why? There’s a blind spot (belief) in the way that’s disempowering you. 

Sun-Pluto can initiate a breakthrough or bring up hidden info via a revelation that informs a personal issue/situation for you (aided by Mercury Direct). Don’t be afraid to dig deep and seek answers if you’re lacking clarity. Avoid conflict and being offended, which is a choice. Rise above the fray if you are triggered; focus on your needs rather than what “they” said/did. You will be grateful. 

As always these days, don’t push to try and make things happen. Either your timing is right or not, and you will know by the course of events. I encourage spiritual practice, even if it’s taking a daily walk in nature to calm your senses. Don’t let your mind run wild with fear, agitation or ideas that bring you down. Make decisions from your center and only those that are necessary. Don’t complicate your life – be nice to yourself.

We are creating the New Earth. Your presence matters – and you are under construction :))

As always, I’m so grateful for your presence on our path together. xo 

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