Mercury Stations Direct – January 2023


We are in the midst of an energetic turnaround with planets in a liminal space that will take time to gather momentum, as Mars Stationed Direct on Jan 12 and Mercury Stations Direct on Jan 18, both realigning.  This is the time to focus on where you want to go and how you plan to get there. 

Mars is still traveling over territory covered since Aug ’22, and now you have opportunities for creating new solutions, completing unfinished business or approaching projects with a refreshed operating system.

Jan 13, 2023 – The Sun sextile Neptune gives us the soft, compassionate energy of Divine Love, good for spiritual/intuitive practices, creative arts and enjoyment and leisure. Wu Wei, operating in flow, is the path of Neptune, going around obstacles and harmonizing with nature and the environment. 

Jan 14 – Venus square Uranus can either be exciting, as in sparks flying, attraction to someone/something radically different (decorating) – or a spat with your partner/lover, a bad haircut, hair day, or a style “don’t.” Direct the energy by choosing an activity to express your Authentic Self or by being spontaneous (if you’re usually not). Honor yourself. Nothing permanent (tattoos). If you need space – take it, allow yourself to have what you desire, especially if you’ve sacrificed yourself for others as a way of life. 

Jan 18 – Mercury Stations Direct and as it changes direction it isn’t really moving yet, so adjust your expectations and use this time for cleanup and gaining clarity re: visioning, designing, planning, paperwork. You can doublecheck facts after Mercury is Direct and take actions after the New Moon in Aquarius on Jan 21. Expect new info to come to light in the days and weeks ahead…

Also on Jan 18, the Sun conjoins Pluto, potentially bringing hidden info or motives to light (yours or others’), that can change the picture and reveal truths you hadn’t previously known. This can be illuminating by dealing with facts, as opposed to fiction or fantasy, so you can make informed decisions accordingly – or this can give you further insight into yourself or others for better understanding, compassion and intimacy. This is also excellent for psychological / healing breakthroughs if you’re doing the work. 

Most of the week Mercury will be Stationing and then just turning Direct, with Mars barely moving, but the awakening has begun. Somewhere inside you are eager for a fresh start, ready to begin and make a move, but patience is required for now.

In the meantime, finish clearing what needs to go, handle anything undone, make your plans and get yourself ready. Contemplate your intentions for the coming New Moon in Aquarius Jan 21, that will be followed by Uranus Direct on Jan 22 – and then ALL the planets will be DIRECT until April 21. 

Next week will be GO week – after all this waiting it will be time for new actions, although we won’t actually pick up steam until Feb. Mars has to get rolling and it’s a process, but trust in Divine Timing. No matter what your mind tells you, there is a path, a map, a timeline that is working on your behalf. Have faith in the promise of a bright future! 

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. 

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” ~ Lao Tzu

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