Mercury square Neptune, Retro Approaching – Nov 9, ’18

We’ve just had some major energetic shifts – Uranus went back into fiery Aries, we had a New Moon in intense Scorpio (new beginnings), and then happy lucky Jupiter moved into it’s own sign of Sagittarius for the next 11 months. Wow.

P.S. As I write this, friends who live in northern CA are being evacuated from their homes due to wildfires with the possibility of permanent loss. This is an extreme version of Uranus in Aries; a sudden, dramatic event that changes everything. I’m holding all affected in my heart, praying for the best and Highest outcome for all concerned.

There’s real hot-to-trot energy present, with Mars (action) freely moving after it’s long Retrograde and shadow period. You may feel ready for your next phase with a burst of energy. Or the desire to do something new and different. Right on schedule :))

Jupiter in Sagittarius can give you the confidence to move where you’ve been stuck or blocked before. It is an optimistic, positive, can-do planet and sign that sees possibilities rather than obstacles.

People with strong Sag/Jupiter energy manifest their desires because they are so sure they will work out. “Things always work out for me,” is a very Jupiter in Sagittarius idea. Try that one on to direct the flow…

This Venus Retrograde experience hopefully showed you something about how you operate that has evolved during this time, whether it’s how you value your Self, beliefs about love/your lovability, giving and receiving, or your expectations and what you settle for (tolerate).

Venus in Libra trine Mars in Aquarius today, which bodes well for relationship chemistry, reconciliation and realignment, using what you’ve learned and how you’ve grown. Reconnecting in a new way or with a new attitude, allowing for Higher ground as your meeting place.

Venus-Mars is good for making agreements and positive contacts with a general feeling of well being. Enjoy this warm, lively vibe today. Make those calls or reach out if you’re ready to forge a bond or make something happen that requires cooperation with/from another. 

Beginning on Mon, Nov 12, Mercury (communication) slows down to turn Retrograde on Fri, Nov 16. Mercury will square dreamy Neptune all week, which is perfect for creativity or spiritual activities, but can be problematic for left-brain linear activities with details.

Mercury in Sag is a big picture thinker with high ideals and a great sales pitch! Neptune is idealistic and dreamy. If you are a poet or writer, this is right up your alley. If tapping into energetic realms for healing or growth is your desired path, this is a beautiful space for your pursuits. 

If you have to balance your checkbook or make detailed travel plans, try to do those things this weekend or double and triple check your work if you do it from Mon, Nov 12 – on.

We are heading into Mercury Retrograde next Fri, Nov 16 – Dec 5, but the energy from Mon on will feel like you’re already in it, so place your orders (major items/tech/travel plans) and check ups (car) now or you’ll want to wait until mid-Dec.

On Thurs, Nov 15, Mars moves into flowy Pisces, where it moves with an intuitive guidance system rather than taking the direct route. Be prepared to go around obstacles and allow your Higher Self to prompt you re: how and when to move. 

I love this energy. It’s good practice for trusting your Self and allowing the Universe to take care of you.

I believe the Universe is conspiring for our Good, if we let it be so. Love your Self enough to say “Yes!” to new possibilities and well being.


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