Mercury Rx Approaching / Money Miracles

Although Mercury officially goes Retrograde on Friday, Aug 20th, know that it has already slowed way down and will hover around the same degree for about a week. Take action TODAY to begin anything new that you want to initiate during the next month because once Mercury is Rx, you do not want to launch new projects.

Since we’re already in the slowdown, allow extra time for tasks, practice patience when dealing with others and with equipment/systems.

If you encounter a snag take a breath and go within. I suggest you make that an official Mercury Retrograde practice!

Be sure you have your Mercury Retrograde report (click here) so you know what to do – and what NOT to do during this time.

Jupiter (expansion) opposes cautious Saturn (security/structure) today, which can manifest in a variety of ways. You may feel pulled in two directions internally – one part of you wanting to expand and the other part in contraction, focused on staying safe. If you have anxiety about your current status, Jupiter can magnify your fear, so it’s important to be in your power by staying conscious. Remember, worry is rehearsing what can go wrong!

You may experience one polarity or the other – Jupiter wanting to expand and meeting Saturn (the authority that says “No!” or commitments/obligations that block your way), or you may be Saturn wanting to follow the rules, meeting Jupiter who wants you to jump into some grand scheme with no structure. Whomever you attract into your orbit, they are mirroring a part of you that you need to recognize, so pay attention!

The most empowering expression of the Jupiter-Saturn opposition is to expand in methodical ways, so take growthful actions that are well planned.

Pluto (transformation) is squaring Saturn and Jupiter, so wherever you are out of alignment, structures may crumble and shadowy behavior may escalate to highlight what’s not working. Or you may just feel like you’re in a pressure cooker with nowhere to go. If this is the case, the prescription is impeccable self-care and to let go of whatever you can. Feel into when it’s time to step up and when it’s time to step back and create space.

Here’s some relief amidst the intensity – Uranus has retrograded from Aries (the warrior) back into sensitive, imaginative Pisces so that energy will feel a little softer and it is now out of range of opposing Saturn. I know, there’s so many things to keep track of it can be mind-boggling!

That’s why the Mercury Rx slowdown may be just the blessing you need to wind down a little, so use this time to review what’s not working, and to recoup your energy.

Money Miracles: Aligning Feng Shui and Astrology

This is an auspicious time to examine your issues surrounding money and your values.

I am so excited to be teaming up with my Platinum Intensive roommate, Feng Shui Expert, Carole Hyder, to offer you a free teleseminar called “Money Miracles” on Tuesday evening, August 24th.

Combining Carol’s vast knowledge of Feng Shui and my astrological insights, we will show you some of the common issues that block the flow of money and offer innovative solutions that you can implement on the spot!

Carole, founder of the well known Wind and Water School of Feng Shui in Minneapolis, has fabulous information about financial Feng Shui as I explain how your chart indicates relevant issues, as well as how to shift them.

Save the date and mark your calendar for

The Full Moon – Aug 24th at 8pm EDT/ 7pm CDT / 5pm PDT.

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