Mercury Retrograde/Lunar Eclipse – Oct ’14

Mercury Rx Feet

You and your life will likely be rearranged and reconfigured this week or something will end/begin. Boy, do we have a potpourri of energies swirling around…

Today and all weekend the Sun squares Pluto (power/upheaval) revealing hidden and/or unconscious info to be faced and handled – not always pleasant or easy, but always beneficial in the end. Your attention goes to being real and facing your reality – the only place from which you can create alignment with your Higher Self. 

If you become involved in a power struggle, look at how/where you’re giving your power away. Something is off and needs correction.

Next: the final Mercury Retrograde of 2014. Although it technically begins on Sat, Oct 4th, we’re already in the Mercury’s station (when it appears to stand still to change direction) and everything slows down. I hope you have prepared by backing up your tech products and double-checking travel plans, the car, etc.

Now you get to review all that’s happened since mid-September and course correct anything out of alignment for you. I love the opportunity for a do-over! Reflection, review, revision, rectification – all the “re” words apply to be in the flow of Mercury Retrograde. 

I invite you to slow down deliberately so the Universe doesn’t have to slow you down by having things break or go haywire… I always vote for being proactive :))

This week we also have a Grand Trine in Fire – Mars (action/will) in Sagittarius, Jupiter (expansion/abundance) in Leo and Uranus (change/innovation) in Aries. This Grand Trine brings incredible opportunities for experiences and actions that can open doors and spiral you into a higher, more empowered space. I love this energy! 

Lunar Eclipse in Aries – Oct 8, ’14

3:51 PDT ~ 6:51am EDT


We are already in the Eclipse Period, which makes everyone and everything a little more charged and potentially dramatic. Big changes happen during this time – and Lunar Eclipses (Full Moons) are about endings and the culmination of things.

This Lunar Eclipse is in Aries and it includes Venus ($$, relationships) squaring Pluto (power, upheaval). Boy is that loaded with possibilities for bringing up issues around control, power in areas of life connected to self-esteem, $$, all relationships, beauty and values.

Be mindful not to make decisions if you are in reaction. Connect with your intuition from your peaceful center before taking action regarding anything that will have major consequences in your life.

There are great opportunities for restructuring areas of your Being and your life where you’re ready to evolve and grow. 

I wish you a clear intention for yourself and a great adventure going forward and be sure to move gently and deliberately. It will serve you well.

We do have major Moon Void of Course periods this week, which will affect business and planning, so be aware when taking actions for maximum effectiveness.

I urge you to align your life and actions with your Higher Self in order to create an experience that will be uplifting, fulfilling and meaningful. 


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