Mercury Retrograde Winter Solstice – Dec ’16

stop-seeThe energy will be slowing down this weekend as we shift from forward motion to a turnaround when Mercury Retrogrades on Mon, Dec 19th. But that’s just one piece of the puzzle…

Before I go on, please BACK UP YOUR INFO now! All technology, auto care and travel plans should be checked and handled now or tomorrow. Be responsible. If you need to make an important appointment, buy a pricey gift, choose insurance or anything else important, do it. Now.

As Mercury slows/stops, it’s beside Pluto (what’s hidden/unconscious) and you may have already experienced a blowup, power struggle or a deep dive into hidden truths or profound communications that change the playing field (or your life).

We will revisit the Mercury/Pluto energy at the end of January (during my Awakened Life Retreat – perfect!), when you have new awareness. But pay attention to what is revealed via communications and your own mental processing this week. Rich. Ripe. Not always the “easy button,” but so worth the adventure and a path to freedom!

Buried energy is running your life in the form of hidden patterns, and awareness creates the opportunity for release of the old, allowing you to choose and embrace a new way of Being. This is the energy of transformation – the death of the old and birth of that which is aligned with your Higher Self. Free. Awake. Empowered.

Mars (action) moves from independent Aquarius into gentle, flowy Pisces until Jan 29th. Pisces is Mars’ least favorite sign, as Mars is the warrior and it likes to charge forward. Pisces is non-confrontational and indirect, so use your intuition as your guide for taking action over the next month, especially. This energy along with Mercury Retrograde is not the most high energy forward motion, so use it to go within.

The Winter Solstice (Return of the Light) is a time that aligns with Mars in Pisces, Mercury Retrograde and the energy of cocooning for rebirth.

Jupiter (expansion) and Uranus (change) are in opposition for weeks, and this accounts for chaos and shocking events that appear regularly now. But it’s also dynamic energy that activates unexpected blessings and opportunities. Be open to Good arriving in your life and boom! A gift is suddenly here for you!

Jupiter-Uranus can also break up stale structures, especially when it’s activating your chart. I have it in a major place in my chart now and it affects me by bringing up feelings to activating events, so anything can happen. I like to focus on creating so I can direct the energy, rather than be at the effect of the energy.

I suggest you do the same as much as possible – and when Uranus is involved, it wants you to do something NEW. Uranus rules the future, your Authentic Self, and the Greater Good. If you aren’t willing to get with the new, it can strike like lightning to break up an old structures that you’ve outgrown. It’s all for your benefit, but it feels better when you are the Director :))

Practice patience with an optimistic perspective as we go through these major energies of change and be willing to open to the new along the way. Wishing you wonderful surprises and awakenings!

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