Mercury Retrograde, Uranus in Taurus, New Moon in Pisces – March 2019

See the Pisces fish swimming in two directions? This is the feel of March, with Retrogrades and changing energies that can call you forward, then pull you back to revisit old issues, decisions or relationships you thought were stable and solid. Don’t be surprised if plans go awry, because we are ripe for unexpected circumstances and timing. Being in flow will help you tremendously during this time!

Uranus (change) is at 29º Aries, squaring Venus (love, $$, and creativity) – newly in freedom-loving Aquarius, which can manifest as an impulsive change in attitude, action or a sudden breakup.

This is only active for today, so be mindful of what you think, say and do before indulging an impulse that has long-lasting results. Or could create a problem you spend considerable time trying to repair. However, if you’ve been waiting to make a move, this could be your trigger point.

A Moon-Venus aspect on Sat, March 2 offers a harmonious day for being with others, beauty, music, socializing or indulging the senses. Enjoy, relax, play and lighten up – it’s good for you – and productive if you need to create.

If you haven’t done it, BACK UP YOUR INFO! Mercury Retrograde occurs on Tues, March 5-28 in Pisces (a double whammy for left-brained types). We are swimming in the dreamy waters of Pisces, where boundaries are blurry and info is not precise, which can be inconvenient if you’re making plans/decisions when details count.

Send emails to confirm data in conversations – written info helps so much to prevent “he said, she said” debates. Take actions now for major purchases or launching new projects. It’s prep time for the month. Uranus is at the last degree of Aries, giving you proactive energy for a few more days, but the closer you get to the Mercury Retrograde, the greater the possibility for mixups.

On Tue, March 6 we have two major events. First, we awaken to Uranus in sensual, earthy Taurus, which highlights issues re: the earth, $$ and financial systems. We had a preview of the energy last May-Nov ’18, and it’s here now thru ’26. As it unfolds, stay tuned to see how it affects you personally (depending on your chart) and for us collectively.

The New Moon in Pisces is on March 6 @ 11:04am EDT, with Neptune (Ruler of Pisces) sitting on the Sun and Moon, increasing the intuitive, nonlinear, compassionate and imaginative world that will envelope us all. This is the energy of spaciousness, without deadlines or mental pushing.

This is normally a time to begin something you want to grow, but since we are in Mercury Retrograde, begin something you want to redo or course correct. Feel what feels right for you. What needs to be handled?

Feel into the deeper/higher meaning of events and read between the lines to make good use of this very subjective energy that provides information beyond facts.

Your inner knowing is a profound tool and this is a time to practice tuning in. It is exquisite for inner exploration, contemplation and connection from your heart and spirit. When you feel relaxed and expanded you’re on the right track.

We’re in Pisces “school” all month, so go with it. Feel what’s missing and what is aligned for you. Let yourself have a spiritual reboot, by going within to nourish your senses and express or feed your imagination. Be spacious with yourself and others – and practice Wu Wei, the law of least effort and flow.

If you don’t come from this world, it’s an opportunity to develop parts of yourself that have been neglected. Faith in yourself and in the Greater Good is required to let go of control and allow new ways of operating.

However you do it, find a way that works for you, but know this is not regular energy and trying to control everything will stress you out. Let’s see what happens…

Wishing you a harmonious flow as you move through the week that gently propels you forward.

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