Mercury Retrograde Turnaround – January 2021

Welcome to the first Mercury Retrograde of 2021 (Jan 30-Feb 20), a turnaround and opportunity to slow down to look again at the territory you’ve recently traveled, offering opportunities to reconsider and revise as needed. You never know what’s possible when you’re willing to see through a new lens!

Slowing down (which Merc Rx will *help* you do), can offer you space to discover new perspectives, insights or solutions if you are open to change. If you try to move ahead full steam, you may encounter mishaps, snafus or other obstacles that force you to regroup and take extra steps, hence downshifting your pace. I vote for choosing the “easy button” by moving deliberately with extra attention to details whenever possible. 

We’re already in a process of deconstruction, dissolution, revision and re-creation, as innovative ideas are in the process of being made real (of course, with unforeseen detours). A new world will ultimately emerge in the years to come, as the old one goes down with a fight.

We are witnessing events and attitudes in the public domain that we didn’t think possible, as cultural norms are challenged. Cultural norms are really agreements – and we are far from that space now. Welcome to the energy of Uranus (radical rebellion) squaring Saturn (tradition, rules and regulations), an energy that will be pervasive throughout 2021, as conflicts ensue in a battle for power and progress.

Saturn in Aquarius seeks to improve old systems with upgrades, by operating in methodical ways that promote stability and security. Uranus (The Awakener) operates via revolutionary and sometimes destructive methods that create dramatic/drastic changes, forcing us to regroup and manage the fallout. 

The Saturn-Uranus square is exact three times this year: Feb 17, June 14 and Dec 24, but they are the backdrop all year, so give extra care to your nervous system and monitor your intake of news, social media and media in general. The hype promotes division and is low vibe. Beware of what you allow in.

Soothing practices of all kinds will serve you – physical, mental and emotional care, much of which you can do yourself (walks, music, meditation, uplifting books, movies, conversations, being with children, pets and animals).

We’re in Mercury Retrograde energy so prepare to review decisions, events, agreements and ideas that you encountered from Jan 15 until now. There are infinite opportunities for course corrections that can reorient you and your life to your current path. Get my free report for all the info regarding Mercury Retrograde and use this sacred space to enhance your life. With Mercury in Aquarius, it can potentially access genius ideas, visions, perspectives, solutions – think outside the box! 

Venus enters Aquarius on Feb 1-25, which focuses on friendships, equality, exchanging ideas, groups and organizations of like-minded people and finding your tribe. Venus wants to serve humanity and has visionary ideas for the Greater Good – and will join Saturn, Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury in the sign of futuristic Aquarius. 

Five planets in Aquarius! This is a powerful dynamic for brilliance, innovation and revolution. Think Elon Musk – although he’s not Aquarius, he is a typical Aquarian archetype – a free spirit with a vision who will not be bound by old rules. That is the invitation – go beyond the known to see what else may be possible. P.S. Aquarius never asks for or needs permission, agreement or approval. It just does it!

Also on Feb 1, the Sun squares Mars, which is hot to trot after being cooped up, but Mercury Retro may be the force that frustrates your ambitions if you’re on the fast track. Watch your temper and don’t push, as it’s likely to backfire on you, adding to the touchy energy all around. Methodical actions work best and channel your passion into a constructive outlet (physical activity and service is good).

This kicks off the month of February, in which we have a major stellium (4 or more planets in a sign) in Aquarius – innovation galore! With heavy Saturn squaring it, the revolutionary energy won’t voluntarily cooperate and give in, but the best case scenario is to create innovations in practical ways. 

Get the best of both worlds – stable plans and radical changes to create new paradigms. At the least, examine any area of your life that is in a rut, be willing to let go of old patterns and open to new ideas.

This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, not in terms of the dates or timing, but the consciousness of manifesting radical, sweeping changes that elevate life for all of humanity. We’re in the uncomfortable birthing process, so keep you eye on the future you desire and stay high.

“Don’t tell me it’s impossible until after I’ve already done it.” ~ Pam Lontos

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. 

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